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Who we are

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Who we are

A global research partnership for better livelihoods in dry areas

The CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Systems (known as Dryland Systems) is a diverse partnership of more than 60 national agricultural research systems, advanced research institutions, development agencies, civil society partners and the private sector.

The program engages in large-scale action research to identify innovative intervention packages – developed together with stakeholders – to sustainably increase agricultural productivity and improve livelihoods of rural communities across the world’s dry areas.

Program Goals

  • Reduced rural poverty
  • Improved food security
  • Better nutrition and health
  • Sustainable management of natural resources

To develop solutions, together with rural communities and countries, research teams validate the effectiveness of interventions in representative agro- ecosystems and promote their scaling-out in the dry areas of five regions:

Enhancing the ability of communities in drylands to increase their livelihoods will require a tailored approach to address the potential of different agro-ecosystems:

  • In marginal areas, with high vulnerability and low production potential, the goal is to build resilience and boost productivity by 10 to 20%
  • In higher potential areas, the goal is to sustainably intensify and diversify production to increase productivity by 20 to 30%

Dryland Systems is designed for large-impacts from scaling out:

  • Greater food security and higher and more secure incomes for 87 million people over 15 years
  • Increased productivity of natural resources and reduced environmental degradation across 11 billion hectares.