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IWLM assesses water and land resource productivity and degradation under present and future scenarios at the farm, ecosystem and basin scale.

The research in this theme focuses on:

  • Assessing the quantity and quality of available water resources for agriculture, including rainwater, surface water, ground water and marginal-quality water in the dry areas and projecting this assessment for the future.
  • Assessing water and land productivities in agriculture at the plant, field, farm, and basin levels.
  • Assessing the potential of using water-use efficient practices and their consequences on productivity and the environment.
  • The availability and potential use of marginal-quality water in agriculture in the dry areas and the environmental consequences of its use.
  • Developing multi-scale tools and methods to assess land degradation (location, extent, causes, impacts and consequences).

Current and recent projects include:

  • Water Benchmark of WANA project phase 2
  • Water and Livelihood Initiative project
  • Water Harvesting and Irrigation management in Libya project
  • Unlocking Rainfed Potential in Ethiopia project
  • Water Harvesting in Syria project
  • FoodWadi-Watershed in Pakistan project.