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About - Climate change awareness

Improving awareness of climate change for policy makers and and communities.

This IFAD-funded project builds on previous ICARDA research initiatives to improve awareness of climate change at the policy and community levels, deliver technologies to resource-poor communities, and encourage farmers to adopt sustainable agricultural practices.

Barley-based livestock production systems largely depend on agricultural production and animal keeping activities, and sustain some of the poorest segments of the rural population in North Africa and West Asia. Although resilient, climate change is a serious threat to the environment, natural resources, and productivity of marginal, semi-arid areas where barley-livestock farmers operate.

Interventions for improved barley cultivation such as zero tillage, early sowing, improved drought-tolerant barley varieties, and basic advancements in fertility or early weaning for livestock production will help farmers adjust to the effects of climate variability and boost farming productivity and crop yields. Beneficial technologies being tested and disseminated in this work include seed cleaning machines, village-led seed multiplication schemes, and the introduction of improved drought tolerant barley varieties.

The research team expects to reach an initial 1600 households in the target areas in Iraq and Jordan – approximately 10,000 people – and will eventually extend interventions to communities living in similar agro-ecologies throughout the Middle East and North Africa.