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Research strategy

Researchers are doing initial assessments of climate change risk, modeling potential shifts in agro-climatic zones, growing periods, and crop suitability. This scientific enquiry will be supplemented by local knowledge to ensure relevance and the inclusion of beneficiary communities. The results of both investigations will be shared with communities and government officials to help inform policies and adaptation strategies.

Technologies and management practices appropriate for barley-livestock production systems in marginal areas of Iraq and Jordan are immediately available for adoption. An initial assessment of existing crop and livestock husbandry practices will be done in target areas, and suitable technologies will then be chosen for their suitability and adaptability to specific environments.

As technology transfer is often a major constraint, extension workers will be identified and trained. Transfer activities will involve peer learning and farmer demonstrations, paying particular attention to the participation of women. Recommendations will also be disseminated via a range of media outlets, including websites, television, and print.