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Value addition

The Project enhances the processing of dairy products in targeted rural communities, delivering technologies to enhance milk production, hygiene, processing, and product quality. As part of the technology delivery process, marketing channels are analyzed to ensure the sustainability of any changes in existing processing.

Value addition in targeted communities helps to market products more effectively, boost production, and ultimately raise incomes, thereby helping to strengthen the resilience of local communities.

The Project seeks to understand the supporting environment – in particular, support sectors and the performance of marketing channels. Particular attention is applied to product processing, specifically milk processing based on products becoming a profitable part of accessible market channels.

The Project also supports the provision of locally-manufactured direct seeders – given that conservation agriculture is dependent on direct seeders, locally affordable kits for the modification of existing seeders or the manufacture of new ones are an essential element of post-project up-scaling.

Example: Beekeeping project to generate extra income

The objective of this project is to introduce beekeeping as a potential income-generating activty for poor rural households - especially women - in target areas of Iraq, helping to improve farmer incomes and introduce new skills capable of diversifying their sources of income. This will enable them to meet and adapt to the negative impact climate change, which affects their crops and animals.

Four poor households in four target villages were selected and two beehives were distributed to each household. Training on beekeeping was given by technical staff, incuding the importance of beekeeping, how to examine beehives, wiring wooden frames, and fixing wax foundations on wooden frames.