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Lebanon and ICARDA today

Lebanon and ICARDA today

ICARDA’s temporary headquarters has been located in Lebanon since 2012, hosting the Director General, and the Center’s directorate and corporates services, including the Finance Department, the Project Development and Grant Management Office, in addition to the research staff located at ICARDA’s research station at Terbol in the Beqa’a plain. Partnerships have been expanded with the Ministry of Agriculture and longstanding partners Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute (LARI) and the American University of Beirut (AUB). This has strengthened ICARDA’s research collaboration and infrastructure in Lebanon to provide important support to the Center’s global research program.


The partnership with LARI has expanded to include more use of land at Terbol Station, additional space for laboratories, offices and greenhouses, and the use of LARI’s livestock keeping facilities. Cooperation has also been strengthened for legume and cereal pathology. ICARDA research facilities at Terbol Station have been expanded with four new laboratories, namely for Seed Health, Doubled Haploid for Wheat Breeding, Pathology and Virology.


The partnership with American University of Beirut (AUB) and its Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences has expanded to include the use of facilities at its Agricultural Research and Education Center (AREC), including: Genebank and genetic conservation facilities; rooms for seed preparation and storage; land for trials and seed multiplication (33ha); and office space, trainee rooms and accommodation.


ICARDA’s International Nurseries and trials of its mandated crops (wheat, barley, faba bean, lentil, chickpea and grass pea) are prepared and distributed from AREC. New ICARDA facilities in Terbol and AREC provide critical services to the decentralized ICARDA: Ensuring seed health quality of cereals and pulses crops produced and distributed (free of seed-borne fungi, nematode, viruses, bacteria, parasitic weeds and insects); ensuring the safe movement of genetic resources and breeding germplasm within International Nurseries and Trials, and distributed to countries worldwide.



Research team at the newly-equipped ICARDA seed health lab in Terbol - screening seeds for diseases before release to partners and other ICARDA research locations.







Terbol research station: barley trials (above); crossing (below).