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Board of trustees

ICARDA is governed by a legally constituted Board of Trustees. Board members are appointed in their individual capacity, not as a representative of any constituency or outside entity. Membership of the Board is limited to 14 members, including two Host Country members from Syria, one Host Country member from Lebanon, and the Director General (ex officio).

The Board establishes the Center’s mission and strategy and monitors the results achieved; determines policies for the operation of the Center; provides oversight of the Center's program of work; establishes and adopts guidelines for the regulation of the financial affairs of the Center; and approves the Center’s budget.

The Board appoints the Director General as the Chief Executive Officer of the Center. The Director General implements the policies established by the Board and is responsible to the Board for ICARDA’s operations and management. The functions and powers of the Board and the Director General are laid out in ICARDA’s Charter.

The Board has four Standing Committees: Executive and Finance Committee; Program Committee; Audit Committee; and Nominations Committee. The Board generally meets twice a year, once at the Center’s headquarters and once in a partner country.

Board Chair, Chair, Executive and Finance Committee
Chair of Nominations Committee
ICARDA Director General (ex-officio)
Host Country Representative
Chair, Program Committee
Chair of the Audit Committee