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Building capacity


Enhancement of NARS human capacity to manage water and land resources efficiently is a priority for the IWLM program. It conducts targeted training to NARS on all water management issues including water use efficiency, drought management, supplemental irrigation, water harvesting and efficient irrigation systems, and sustainable land management.

This aims to enhance NARS capacity to conduct research that is relevant to their national needs. Particular emphasis is laid on addressing the deficiencies associated with the implementation of collaborative research projects.

Enhanced human capacity to improve water and land use in agriculture in dry areas is achieved by:

  • Conducting training for NARS on ways to improve water productivity
  • Supporting MSc and PhD studies and students
  • Hosting post-doc and senior research fellows
  • Organizing and supporting workshops and conferences and awareness building campaigns at different stakeholder levels

Current and recent projects include:

  • Water Benchmarks of WANA phase 2 project
  • Water and Livelihood Initiative project
  • Improving water productivity in Chile, Uruguay and Argentina project
  • Information technology for improving irrigation water use efficiency project
  • Capacity- building in water management for improved water use efficiency in the dry areas project
  • FoodWadi-Watershed project in Pakistan project
  • Beypazari rooftop water harvesting project in turkey
  • SWUP-MED project
  • Soil Erosion and Conservation in hilly olive orchards project
  • Water Borlaug fellowship project
  • Bridging workshops