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To share knowledge on statistical concepts and methodologies for designing field experiments and biometrical techniques applied in agricultural research and use of Genstat software, and to provide an opportunity to active researchers to carry out statistical analysis of their data, and prepare a draft research manuscript for publication.

The course covers:

  • Design and analysis of variety trials: designs in randomised complete blocks (RCB) and incomplete blocks (alpha designs), spatial analysis of field trials, combined analysis of data from several environments to evaluate GxE interaction, stability analysis, estimation of heritability
  • Design and analysis of agronomic field trials: Multi-factor experiments in RCB, split-plot experiments in RCB, strip-plot experiments in RCB
  • Introduction to Genstat for Windows and its use for management of data
  • ICARDA’s Online BioComputing facility
  • Identification of statistical approaches for analysis of participant’s data, analysis and interpretation of the results
  • Preparation of a draft manuscript for publication in an International journal.
  • Use of some of the statistical programs coded in Genstat software


Dr. Murari Singh, ICARDA Senior Biometrician, Email: