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Field visit to sheep milk processing unit in El-Karak district

From the 7th to the 18th of May, ICARDA Amman has held a training funded by the AFESD on Advanced Technologies to Improve Sheep and Goat Production with participants from 10 different Arab countries.


The last field visit in the training program was held at a sheep milk processing unit in El-Karak district. The region is famous for making Jameed, a hard dry cheese used in the traditional Jordanian dish “Mansaf” where the jameed is cooked with meat. The group saw the whole production of the cheese step by step. The sheep milk is first fermented into yogurt which is then churned to obtain the butter. The butter milk extracted is then heated to up whey separation. The heated butter milk is then filled into cotton bags for concentration. The concentrated product is then salted and shaped into balls which are then set to dry. Around 150 kg of dried cheeses are made every day by a mostly female co-workers.


The trainees had a practical session at the Mushaggar research station of NCARE/ICARDA where they produce six different types of yogurt and practice the processing of white sheep cheese. On the next day, the trainees had a to go through a sensory evaluation to evaluate the different organoleptic characteristics of the product based on their preferences such as texture, acidity, taste and appearance.