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Regional Programs

ICARDA's research is planned, implemented and monitored in collaboration with national agricultural research systems and a range of other partners. These linkages are coordinated by a network of regional programs and country offices which act as a bridge, helping to disseminate new technologies to farm communities and feeding back research needs to scientists.

Given the complexity of dryland farming systems and the scale of the challenges, synergy and partnership are critical. The regional programs provide technical support, training and other resources to partner organizations in each country; while national research centers provide complementary skills, resources, and local knowledge.

This regional approach also benefits from 'opportunities of scale'. In most cases, agro-ecological zones cut across national borders. Different countries may share the same production constraints – which means technologies developed and tested at pilot sites can be scaled out (with local modifications as needed) to other countries in a region.

It is this regional focus that has enabled ICARDA and its partners to generate huge benefits from relatively small investments.