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Drought and climate change preparedness and mitigation

Drought can have devastating consequences for the livelihoods of the poor. It also threatens the fragile ecosystems of the dry areas. Due to climate change this threat is expected to increase in coming decades. 

IWLM looks for ways to prepare for and to mitigate the effects of drought and climate change through proper management of water and land resources under current and future scenarios.

This strand of work focuses on:

  • Developing methodologies for characterizing drought in the major dry area environments
  • The assessment of existing community, national and regional strategies and policies for the preparedness and mitigation of drought and climate change
  • Evaluation of germplasm for adaptation to drought and climate change and the assessment of other options and strategies for the preparedness and mitigation of drought at various levels
  • Enhancing linkages and cooperation between countries on drought preparedness and mitigation
  • Better understanding of the potential impacts of climate change, and prediction (modeling) of the effects of adaptation systems such as supplemental irrigation. IWLM works closely on three broad agro-ecologies: rainfed systems, irrigated systems, and rangelands.

Current and recent projects include:

  • Water and Livelihood Initiative project
  • Irrigation management for improved olives in the Mediterranean project
  • Water Harvesting and Irrigation management in Libya project
  • Unlocking rainfed potential in Ethiopia project
  • Improving water productivity in Chile, Uruguay and Argentina project
  • Field crops response to salinity and drought project
  • SWUP-MED project
  • NEMEDCA DroughtNet project
  • Climate Change and Impact Research: The Mediterranean environment project