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ICARDA and its partners have developed a range of innovations to improve farm productivity, incomes and livelihoods, and enhance research targeting and efficiency. They are now ready for ‘scaling-up’ across the dry areas and their fragile ecosystems.

These innovations are designed for smallholder farming systems: low cost, practical, and adapted to local needs. Each has been extensively tested and proven in developing-country environments, and are freely available as international public goods.

Effective and low-cost systems for harvesting rainwater deliver large and more stable water supplies for crops and livestock, even in very dry areas. 

A highly effective technology that allows farmers to plant and manage crops at the optimal time, without being at the mercy of unpredictable rainfall.

Allowing farmers to grow cash crops in marginal, water-deficient areas where traditional cropping is not viable.

Combining animal nutrition, feed and fodder production, preventive veterinary care, and improved genetic stocks.

A scientifically-proven tool that helps crop breeding programs identify useful traits in plant genetics more accurately and efficiently.

Resilient crops offer higher and more stable yields and higher tolerance/resistance to diseases, insect pests, drought, heat, cold, parasitic weeds and other stress factors.

Balancing yields, resource conservation and increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness for smallholder farmers.

A cost-effective breeding strategy suited to smallholder conditions that increases the productivity and profitability of indigenous breeds.