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Central Asia

More than 70 participants from 23 countries attended the four-day-workshop to learn about recent achievements in wheat breeding in Russia.
A groundbreaking study is the first to identify a major locus for resistance to Sunn Pest at the vegetative stage of crop growth.
Experts discuss collaboration opportunities to boost food security & sustainable agricultural development in Central Asia.
Issue 51 of the official newsletter of the WANA seed network – Seed Info – is online now. Seed Info aims to stimulate information exchange and communication among the seed community in the Central...
Participants of the International Forum on Eurasian Food Security (Agriculture and Nutrition) Network and Eurasian Soil Partnership discussed and analyzed current trends in food security management...
Impacts of changing climate on agricultural production are being experienced by farmers and herders around the world. However, the question being currently debated is how big will be the overall...
Researchers participating in the 2015 Borlaug Rust Initiative Workshop and the 9th International Wheat Conference held in Sydney affirm the benefits of investing in wheat improvement research.
ICARDA announces International Conference on Pulses for Drylands to be held in Marrakesh, Morocco, 13-15 April, 2016.
ICARDA’s Genetic Resources Section (GRS), supported by the Global Crop Diversity Trust, has been organizing collecting missions to previously unexplored parts of Greece.