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Olive Irrigation Project

Research Projects

Growing more olives with less water

VIDEO: Demonstrating how deficit irrigation is improving water productivity and raising olive yields in Syria and Morocco.

Boosting olive yields and farmer income in Syria

Supplemental irrigation is off-setting increasingly erratic rainfall, boosting olive yields, and reducing pressure on already scarce water resources.

Olive production in Morocco

Modern irrigation practices for improved yield performance and water productivity

Olive production in Syria

Deficit irrigation is producing significant increases in olive fruit and oil yields

Developing and disseminating sustainable irrigation management practices among smallholder olive farmers

Although global demand for olive products is increasing, many smallholder farmers are unable to take advantage of market opportunities and therefore improve their incomes and livelihoods.

Forced to rely on traditional cultivation methods, their yields are often low and highly unstable.

This project aims to increase and stabilize olive yields in smallholder orchards in Morocco and Syria through the testing and promotion of optimal irrigation and husbandry practices. 

Higher and more stable yields will raise incomes, improve livelihoods, and increase the quality of olive oil. 

ICARDA and its partners will demonstrate and disseminate effective, low cost, and sustainable techniques and technologies to improve the productivity of  irrigation water. These same technologies can be scaled out to other Mediterranean countries, multiplying impacts. 

Activities will also include capacity development and training opportunities for farmers, researchers and extension staff.

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