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Claudio Zucca

Claudio Zucca

Claudio Zucca

Soil conservation and land management specialist

Claudio Zucca is soil conservation and land management specialist with ICARDA based in Rabat, Morocco. His area of research is sustainable land management, soil and water conservation, and land degradation. His research approach is based on interdisciplinary and multi-scale methods integrating fieldwork and geomatics. He is interested in soil genetic processes and soil geography and has performed basic and applied research in pedology, contributing to several soil survey and mapping studies.

Currently, he leads the research on soil carbon sequestration and the effects of bioavailable silicon on water use by crops in collaboration with crop breeders and plant physiologists. He also leads ICARDA’s work on development in soil and water conservation in the savannah belt of Nigeria and integrated watershed management in Ethiopia and Tunisia. He is co-leader on scaling of sustainable land management practices and land degradation neutrality.

He serves as focal point for international consortium on global soil partnership and world overview of conservation approaches and technologies. He is on the UN international roster of experts for combating desertification and serves on the editorial board of World Desertification Atlas. He has authored 40 journal publications.

Before joining ICARDA in 2015 he was senior researcher at the University of Sassari in Italy, where he accumulated 15 years of research experience in drylands and was associate professor.

Zucca received his Ph.D. in pedology from the Universities of Palermo and Milano Bicocca.