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Michael Baum

Michael Baum

Director of biodiversity and crop improvement program and Morocco platform

Michael Baum is director of ICARDA’s Biodiversity and Crop Improvement program comprising 30 scientists and 67 technical staff whose work range from crop breeding and cereal and legume pathology to virology and pollinators.

Since joining ICARDA in 1992 as biotechnologist, he has overseen ICARDA’s biodiversity and crop management work in a number of countries across the MENA region.

Baum was instrumental in establishing ICARDA’s partnerships with research institutes globally, including with the Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran; the Centre for Biotechnology in Tunisia; Hannover and Frankfurt University in Germany; Cornell University in the U.S.; the Australian Center for Plant Functional Genomics; and other CGIAR centers. He has brought over $10 million in funding to build ICARDA’s biotechnology program and strengthened biotech research across the region.

He has published over 110 peer-reviewed journal articles, 30 book chapters, and 40 conference papers. He was guest professor at Ghuangzhou University between 2009 – 20212. He received Frosty Hill Fellowship from Cornell University in 2000. Throughout his career, he has supervised scores of post-doctoral fellows and Ph.D. students.

Baum holds a Ph.D. in plant breeding and cytogenetics from the University of Göttingen in Germany.