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Mounir Louhaichi

Mounir Louhaichi

Mounir Louhaichi

Range ecology and management research scientist

Mounir Louhaichi is principal scientist with ICARDA. He has more than 25 years of experience in rangeland ecology and management, including over 10 years of research focused on the development of technological alternatives for better natural resources management in advanced research institutions. He’s also worked on rehabilitation of degraded rangeland in the dry areas in developing countries.

His research focuses on documenting indigenous knowledge of pastoral communities, rangeland restoration and governance; developing non-destructive technique for monitoring and assessing rangeland plant communities; promoting agro-forestry practices and cactus pear as a multi-purpose species in the agro-pastoral livelihood systems; and characterizing key rangeland species.

Prior to joining ICARDA, Louhaichi was researcher at the Oregon State University, where he worked with the Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, US Geological Survey, and US Department of Agriculture in various projects developing tools and protocols.

Louhaichi has authored more than 150 scientific and technical publications, including journal articles and training manuals. He is a certified GIS professional with a focus on landscape ecology and its applications on monitoring and assessing rangeland vegetation, herd’s movement across the landscape, and climate change impact. He also holds patents for scientific software and hardware.

In 2013, Louhaichi was nominated deputy general coordinator for the FAO-ICARDA Cactus Network in Palermo, Italy. In 2015, he received an honorary faculty appointment from the Oregon State University’s department of animal and range sciences. In 2016, Louhaichi was elected vice president of the International Rangeland Congress in Saskatoon. He is a recipient of several awards and honors.

Louhaichi holds a Ph.D. in rangeland ecology and management from the Oregon State University.