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Ramesh Pal Singh Verma

Ramesh Pal Singh Verma

Barley breeder (high-input environments)

Ramesh Verma is a principal scientist with ICARDA's biodiversity and crop improvement program. He works on barley improvement for abiotic- and biotic-stress tolerance. His research also involves the improvement of the malting quality of barley and its nutrition, as well as molecular markers and QTL identification for barley diseases.

Before joining ICARDA in 2013, Verma was principal investigator in the Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research. There he worked on the development of two-row malt barley and developed nine malting barley varieties. He contributed to the release of several wheat varieties in northern India and created India’s first malting-quality evaluation laboratory. Working together with malting and brewing industry, he set up the contract farming systems in India.

Verma has a Ph.D. in plant breeding from Govind Ballabh Pant University in India.