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Usman Khalid Awan

Usman Khalid Awan

Groundwater hydrologist

Awan is water resources engineer with the Water, Land Management and Ecosystems program.

He has led research projects in major river basins, including Amu Darya and Syr Darya river basins in Central Asia, Indus in Pakistan, and Nile in Egypt. He has worked on water resources management issues in Murray Darling river basin in Australia, which is often used as a model basin management system because of its innovative approach in allocating water resource sustainably across sectors.

He’s an expert in research project design, fundraising, and project management for multi-partner, multi-country water scarcity initiatives. He’s also fluent in computer modeling, GIS, and remote sensing skills for water resources management. Before joining ICARDA, he was groundwater hydrologist at the International Water Management Institute in Sri Lanka.