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Rangeland management

Research Projects

Surviving on marginal lands

Insights into migratory pastoralism is providing hope for Raikas in Rajasthan’s deserts

Reversing degradation in rangelands

ICARDA is promoting drought-tolerant forage species to help conserve water resources and maintain grazing at sustainable levels

Cactus production

Increasing demands on already-scarce water resources require alternative sources of animal feed – specifically crops that are more efficient users of water.

Participatory rehabilitation efforts

Participatory approaches to rehabilitation involve local communities at every stage – planning, implementation, and monitoring

Rehabilitating degraded steppe lowlands

Rehabilitating, intensifying, and diversifying the production of forage

Despite their significant economic and cultural value, rangelands suffer from low productivity and increasing rates of degradation and desertification. ICARDA aims to reverse these trends by adopting an innovative, participatory, and multi-dimensional approach that includes all stakeholders involved in rangeland management. This web resource is intended for policy makers and development partners, presenting proven and sustainable interventions that address degradation while raising productivity.

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Harpenden, United Kingdom, March 9 – ICARDA scientist Mustapha El Bouhssini received a lifetime achievement award from the International Association of Plant Resistance to Insects.
A new practical and cost-effective approach combines indigenous knowledge and mechanization for enhanced effectiveness.