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Research for development initiatives

ICARDA’s research aims to improve smallholder crop and livestock production systems in dry areas. This is practical, goal-oriented research for development, implemented in partnership with local communities and a range of research and development organizations.


We use a multidisciplinary, integrated agro-ecosystems approach, to ensure that technologies, policies, institutions and capacity development work together to improve food security and livelihoods, while conserving natural resources.


Food Security Project

A large-scale regional project is helping to boost food security in wheat-based cropping systems in five countries – Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Syria and Tunisia.


Water Benchmarks Project
Water is usually the limiting constraint in dryland agriculture. But low-cost technologies are available to increase water productivity, producing more crop per drop.


Conservation agriculture

With three major projects launched in 2012, ICARDA is at the forefront of global efforts to promote conservation agriculture – in West Asia, North Africa and Central Asia.


Iraq salinity project
One-fourth of Iraq's irrigated farmland is severely affected by salinity. The project is helping to inform national investments for long-term salinity management.