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Research integration

IWLM develops frameworks for conservation and sustainable management of ecosystems with an emphasis on their multi-functionality. This involves a local, multi-stakeholder process that links land users with policymakers and decision makers.

The program links research to policy in terms of water and land management to help broaden the partnership base to include civil society and local research institutes.

Improved policy and institutional options for better water and land management are achieved by:

  • Developing methodologies for scarce water resource valuation for major environments and socioeconomic conditions
  • Studying current policies on water allocation, valuation and use and then developing alternatives for improved water demand management
  • Reviewing existing water management institutions and developing appropriate alternative institutions to improve irrigation management
  • Reviewing available knowledge and constraints on land degradation

Current and recent projects include:

  • Water Benchmarks of WANA phase 2 project
  • Water and Livelihood Initiative project
  • Irrigation management for improved olives in the Mediterranean project
  • Water Harvesting and Irrigation management in Libya project
  • Unlocking Rainfed Potential in Ethiopia project
  • Improving Water Productivity in Chile, Uruguay and Argentina project
  • Greywater Regional project
  • Water Harvesting in Syria project