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This theme is focused on market-oriented income diversification and livelihood improvement. The range of options includes alternative cropping, novel livestock systems and the adding of value to primary (raw) products.

Within this theme, work strands include:

Market-driven options for crop diversification using crop and forage rotation strategies. These include winter/summer crops and forages with supplemental irrigation; and high value crop options including vegetables, fruit trees, medicinal and aromatic plants as well as the development of novel plant-based and livestock-based products.

Market-driven options for livestock diversification through the development of range/crop/forage integration; the utilization of native breeds; through unlocking the potential of safe, peri-urban production.

Development of improved income flows from value added enhancement of primary livestock products; new options for the production of high quality, hygienic and safe products; better access to market data and market place transactions; assistance to boost the capacity of institutional bodies (public and private) and the development of supporting policies to help this happen.