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International nurseries

Through its International Nurseries and genetic resource activities, ICARDA provides NARS with large numbers of germplasm accessions each year. Our various breeding programs send segregating populations, elite lines, yield trials and disease nurseries to NARS for testing, and subsequent selection for their local environments.

However, seeds are a major potential vehicle for pest spread. The Seed Health Laboratory was established in 1982 to test that seeds are free from seed-borne pathogens and pests, and to ensure seed health quality in all seed produced and distributed by ICARDA.

The laboratory conducts various activities as part of an overall strategy for plant disease control: testing for seed certification, quarantine pests, production of healthy crops, evaluation of plant value, advisability and effectiveness of seed treatment and storage quality.

ICARDA’s Seed Health Laboratory is recognized as a reference laboratory for the CWANA region.

International Nurseries Database