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Sustainable intensification of market-oriented, dry land farming systems is designed to give increased productivity through the exploitation of yield potential, improved management, and the sustainable use of genetic and natural resources.

Within this theme work strands include:

  • Methods and options to support crop intensification for boosting productivity, through conservation agriculture, managed food/feed crop integration, cereal/legume rotations, and multiple cropping.
  • Agronomic practice development to improve water use efficiency and better economic returns per unit of available water.
  • Intensifying livestock production systems in a sustainable and cost-effective way to capture diverse market opportunities.
  • Developing a framework for community-based livestock breeding to allow easy access by farmers to improved breeds,¬†and in the process, matching the available genetic resources and breed potential to market opportunities.
  • Analyzing the causes of yield gaps through modeling, followed by the identification of interventions designed to fill the gap, including looking at policy implications.