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Research to Action

ICARDA’s Research to Action service provides a synthesis of research findings and country experiences, resulting from work with partners in 35 countries with dryland agro-ecosystems. These concepts and practices are designed to help decision makers strengthen their national policies and strategies for food security.

The aim of this space is to provide decision makers and development professionals with new and practical perspectives that add value to their programs and to inform decision making on agriculture and rural development policies in the world’s dry areas.

Strategies to reduce wheat stripe rust disease

Planning and preparedness for countries; regional strategies. What policy makers can do to help protect wheat crops from deadly new strains of wheat stripe rust disease.


Conservation agriculture
How governments and development agencies can promote conservation agriculture methods, to help farmers reduce production costs while increasing yields and sustainability.


'FIGS' - New tool for mining genebank collections

For scientists and genebank managers: a powerful new tool to quickly search large plant genetic resources collections, to identify genotypes with specific traits.


Managing the threat of Sunn Pest
How policy makers can help farmers replace chemical pest control methods with cheaper, more effective, environment-friendly alternatives.