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Genetic Resources

An ICARDA scientist performs quantitative monitoring procedures in the Center’s seed health laboratory in Lebanon

We mine genes and add novel diversity to develop superior germplasm – providing the building blocks of improved and resilient livestock and cultivars that can withstand future climate and market-related challenges, including traits of heat, drought, cold and salinity tolerance, disease resistance, nutritional attributes and water efficiency. Through open access initiatives we make our data on genetic resources and breeding widely available as international goods.

More than 900 improved cereal and legume varieties have been released by national programs in partnership with ICARDA, and adopted by farmers worldwide. It is estimated that these varieties generate net benefits of approximately USD 850 million each year.

Thematic Areas


The award recognizes gene bank managers from CGIAR for their life-time achievement.
ICARDA has deposited accessions from its 2016 seed harvest into the Svalbard Global Seed Vault for long-term safe-keeping.