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Strengthening Resilience

Integrated crop-livestock production systems cushion each sector from external pressure and optimize economic, social and environmental conditions

The dry areas are fragile regions highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, which are expected to become significantly hotter and drier over the coming decades. Rural communities need options so they can maintain their livelihoods against a backdrop of rising temperatures and increasing water scarcity. Strengthening their resilience requires climate-smart technologies, sustainable farming practices, and resilient crop and livestock varieties that are able to tolerate drought, extreme temperatures, and resist pests and disease.

Thematic Areas

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Using non-GM molecular breeding techniques, ICARDA’s scientists developed a set of durum wheat varieties that can withstand up to 40°C heat along the Senegal River basin. The project was supported by the Swedish Research Council.
ICARDA is partnering with a global leader in animal health to enhance the reproductive efficiency of sheep and goats in the Middle East.