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Raising incomes

Sustained efforts are needed to strengthen resilience against a backdrop of rising temperatures and increasing water scarcity.
Present laws in Kazakhstan widely recognize the principle of gender equality, but, as in many other countries, the reality is different. Women are considered inferior to men in the Kazakhstani...
A plan to address the Mediterranean's migrant crisis must acknowledge one of its major causes - food insecurity.
An ICARDA initiative targeting female livestock producers used a market-driven approach to establish a self-sustaining value chain linked to export markets.
Promoting the distribution and management of goats has generated enormous benefits for some of Afghanistan's poorest and most vulnerable women.
A region-wide vision for Jordan's 'Badia' will address production constraints on a large-scale, while exploiting opportunities for development and growth.
Farmers across East and West Africa have been learning about improved wheat growing techniques through targeted 'field days'.
Family farmers worldwide are often the main food producers in many regions, enhancing local diets.