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Water productivity

ICARDA is maximizing the productivity of Sudan's crop-range-livestock systems through water-harvesting interventions.
Sustained efforts are needed to strengthen resilience against a backdrop of rising temperatures and increasing water scarcity.
Drip irrigation is helping farmers to conserve water resources while stabilizing wheat production across the Arab region.
An improved surface irrigation technique offers farmers a more sustainable and efficient alternative to conventional irrigation systems
Scientists conclude large-scale irrigation systems are dangerously under-performing and call for overhaul.
Can we secure water for the world’s smallholder farmers, producers of more than 70 percent of the world’s food?
ICARDA’s work with national and community partners is creating solutions to benefit the 'badia's' ecology, and strengthen the resilience of Bedouin communities.
Producing enough food - without an environmental cost - will be one of our biggest challenges in the years ahead.
ICARDA is helping farmers across the Arabian Peninsula deal with extreme aridity, water scarcity, and erratic rainfall.
Recycling and reusing saline water can return salt-affected irrigated areas to higher levels of production, making significant contributions to food, feed and renewable energy production.
A region-wide vision for Jordan's 'Badia' will address production constraints on a large-scale, while exploiting opportunities for development and growth.
Recent upheavals in the Arab region result from several factors, but it’s hard to ignore food security.