Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, G-9/4, Mauve Area, Islamabad 44000. Tel: ++92-51-9260126, 9260236, 9260121; Fax: 92-51-9260234; E-mail:

Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, G-9/4, Mauve Area, Islamabad 44000. Tel: ++92-51-9260126, 9260236, 9260121; Fax: 92-51-9260234; E-mail:

Federal Institutes
Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), P.O. Box 1031, G-5/1, Islamabad. Tel: ++92-51-9203071-75; Fax: ++92-51-9202968; E-mail:; Website: pk

National Agricultural Research Center (NARC), P.O. Box 131, Park Road, Islamabad 44000. Tel: ++92-51-9255012; Fax: ++92-51-9255034; E-mail:; Website: http://www.parc. gov. pk

Arid Zone Research Center (AZRC), Brewery Road, P.O. Box. 63, Quetta 87300; Tel: ++ 92-81-853620; Fax: ++92-81-853620; E-mail:

Atomic Energy Agricultural Research Center (ARARC), Tandojam

Nuclear Institute for Agriculture and Biology (NIAB), P.O. Box 128, Jhang Road, Faisalabad;

Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA), Peshawar

Himalayan Agricultural Research Institute (HARI), Kaghan, Abbottabad

Karakaram Agricultural Research Institute (KARINA), Jaglot, Gilgit; Tel: call booking 50; E-mail:

National Tea Research Institute (NTRI), Shinkiari, Mansehra, District Hazara; Tel: ++92-0987-7125; 7525

Sugar cane Research Institute (SRI), Makli, Thatta, Sindh; Tel: ++ 92-29-770524, 770267

Tropical Agricultural Research Institute, Karachi (TARC), Old Block 9 & 10, Karachi University Campus, Karachi-75270, Pakistan; Tel: ++92-21-4982509; Fax: ++92-21-4988037

Pakistan Central Cotton Committee, Maulvi Tameezuddin Road, Karachi. Tel: ++92-21-5684106, 5684115

Central Cotton Research Institute, P.O. Box 572, Shujabad Road, Multan; Tel: ++ 92-61-545361,71; Fax: ++92-61-543245; E-mail:

Cotton Research Institute, Sakrand

Cotton Research Institute, Ghotki

Cotton Research Station, Bahawalpur

Agricultural University of Faisalabad

Regional Institutes
Barani Agricultural Research Institute, P.O Box 1758, Chakwal, Islamabad

Regional Agricultural Research Institute, Bahawalpur

Agricultural Research Institute, Sariab, Quetta

Wheat Research Station, Quetta

Vegetable Research Station, Quetta

North West Frontier Province (NWFP), Agricultural Research Institute, Tarnab, Peshawar

Agricultural Research Institute, D.I. Khan

Cereal Crops Research Institute, Pirsabak, Nowshera

Agricultural Research Station, Mingora

Gramm Research Station, Karak

Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, Faisalabad

Wheat Research Institute, Faisalabad

Rice Research Institute, Kala Shah Kaku

Maize and Millet Research Institute, Yousafwala, Sahiwal

Oilseed Research Institute, Faisalabad

Pulses Research Institute, Faisalabad

Cotton Research Institute, Faisalabad

Cotton Research Institute, Rahim Yar Khan

Cotton Research Station, Multan

Cotton Research Station, Sahiwal

Vegetable Research Institute, Faisalabad

Agricultural Research Institute, Tandojam, Sindh

Wheat Research Institute, Sakrand

Rice Research Institute, Dokri

Pulses Research Station, Dokri

Oilseed Research Station, Tandojam

Sindh Horticultural Research Institute, Mirpurkhas

Cotton Research Station, Tandojam

Punjab Seed Corporation, 4 Lytton Road, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-7311280, 7212512; Fax: ++92-42-7314548 (wheat, cotton, rice, maize, pulses, gram, oilseeds, vegetables, fodders)

Sindh Seed Corporation, State Bank Bldg., 204-A, GOR Colony, Hyderabad. Tel: ++92-221-781605; Fax: ++92-221-781605 (wheat, rice, cotton)

NWFP Agricultural Development Authority, Phase-V, Hayatabad, Peshawar. Tel: ++92-91-9217166; Fax: ++92-91-9217166 (wheat, maize, gram)

Department of Agriculture, Ram Bagh, Sariab Road, Quetta, Baluchistan. Tel: ++92-81-9211500; Fax: ++92-81-442755 (wheat, potatoes, vegetables)

Pakistan Oilseed Development Project (PODP), Tarnab, Peshawar, NWFP.

Punjab Agricultural Development and Supply Corporation, Bank Square, The Mall, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-301901-5

Sindh Agricultural Seed Supply Corporation, Court Road, Karachi. Tel: ++92-21-513205

Multinational Seed Companies
Aventis Crop Science Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd., Plot No.23, Sector-22, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi, Sindh-74900. Tel: ++92-21-5060721-23; Fax: ++92-21-5060638 (vegetables)

ICI Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd., P.O. Box 3025, 63-Mazang Road, Lahore, Punjab. Tel: ++92-42-6307104; Fax: ++92-42-7314548 (wheat, cotton, rice, maize, pulses, fodders)

Monsanto PK Agritech. (Pvt.) Ltd., P.O.Box 10148, Lahore, Punjab. Tel: ++92-42-586521; Fax: ++92-42-5883441 (wheat, cotton, rice, maize, oilseeds, fodders)

Novartis (Sandoz) Pakistan Seed (Pvt.) Ltd., 121-B Gulsham Road, Sahiwal, Punjab. Tel: ++92-441-60191 (wheat, cotton, maize, oilseeds, vegetables, fodders)

Pioneer Pakistan Seeds (Pvt.) Ltd., 14-1, Model Town, Ext. Lahore, Punjab. Tel: ++92-42-5164978; Fax: ++92-42-5166456, 5166458 (wheat, cotton, rice, maize, pulses, fodders)

National Seed Companies

Balochistan Province
Balochistan Seed Company, Suraj Ganj Bazar, Quetta. Tel: ++92-81-837255, 837266 (pulses)

Khetran Seed & Agri Services, Chapper Valley, Barkhan, Balochistan (cotton, pulses)

Punjab Province
A.R and Company, 472-D, Satellite Town, Sargodha. Tel: ++92-451-255555 (cotton, rice, wheat)

A.T. Seed Corporation, R.Y. Khan Road, Khanpur, distt. R.Y. Khan. Tel ++92-731-5297 (cotton, wheat)

Aasi Seed Corporation, Mazhar Fareed Colony, House No. 9, St. No. 1, Sadiqabad, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-781218 (Cotton, pulses, wheat)

Abad Agri Seeds, Chak. No. 182/GB, Toba Tek Singh. Tel: ++92-41-415109 (cotton, rice, wheat)

Abdul Ghafoor Bhatti Seed Corporation, 453-K, Model Town, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-863070 (potatoes, vegetables)

Abdullah Seed Corporation (Khaliq Cotton Ginners (Pvt.) Ltd), Chak 29-Gigaini, Tehsil Chishtian, distt. Bahawalnagar. Tel: ++92-695-53229, 52129 (cotton, wheat)

Adeel Seed Corporation, Moongi Bungalow, The Gojra, Distt, Toba Tek Singh. Tel: ++92-41-415344; Fax: ++92-41-511114 (wheat, maize)

*Adil Seed Industries, 1-A, Mumtazabad Colony, Multantc "Adil Seed Industry, 1-A, Mumtazabad Colony, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-230920, 581113; Fax: ++92-61-526636 (wheat)

Agri Seed Company (Pvt) Ltd, 2-Ahmad Park, Khanewal Road, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-551277; Fax: ++92-61-551276 (cotton, wheat)

Agrotech Seed Corporation, First Floor, 27-B, Commercial Plaza, Grain Market, Sadiqabad, Distt. R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-74419, 3229; Fax: ++92-731-7119 (cotton, wheat)

Agroute International, 135-C, Jinnah Road, Vehari (wheat, cotton, rice)

Agroz International, G.T. Road, Near Polic Station, Chichawatni, Sahiwal. Tel: ++92-441-61702 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Ahmad Seed Corporation, Near Al-Fareed Filling Station, Sahiwal Road, Pakpattan. Tel: ++92-441-71811 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Ahmadabad Seed Corporation, Luddon, Vehari. Tel: ++92-693-691001-2 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Ahsan Seed Corporation, 481-Sadiq Plaza, Opposite Post Office, Jinnah Colony, Faisalabad. Tel: ++92-41-629088 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Al-Barakat Seed and Agro-Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd. 262-X Scheme No. 3, Fareed town Sahiwal. Tel: ++92-441-52090 (wheat, cotton, rice, maize)

Al-Faiz Seeds, Faizabad, Kehror Pacca Road, Mailisi. Tel: ++92-6515-410851 (wheat, rice, cotton)

Al-Fallah Seed Corporation, 13-Grain Market, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-76642 (wheat, cotton)

Al-Hafiz Agro Services (Pvt.) Ltd., Jamal Nagar Kikri Khurd, The. Mailisi, Distt. Vehari. Tel: ++92-693-410307 (wheat, cotton)

Al-Haider AgroIndustries (Pvt) Ltd., P.O. Sinanwan, Kotaddu, Muzaffargarh. Tel: ++92-661-30342, 63138 (wheat, cotton, maize, pulses, potatoes, vgetables)

Al-Hammad Seed Corporation, Hayatabad, Colony, St, No. 8, Chichawatni, Distt. Sahiwal. Tel ++92-441-610801 (wheat, cotton, maize, rice, potatoes)
Al-Haq Seed Corporation, 14-A, Commercial Colony, Model Town, Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-877429, 880473 (wheat, cotton)

Al-Hayat Seeds, 9-A, Ghallu House, Ahmadpur Road, Bahawalpur (wheat, cotton)

Al-Hilal Seed and Chmeical Seed Corporation, 85-Welcome Gate Colony, Railway Road, Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-79283, 79383 (wheat, cotton)

Al-Khair Seed Corporation, Jhangi Wala Road, Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-82840 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Al-Makkah Seed Corporation, Meyo Corp. Chungi No. 6, Old Bahawalpur Road, Kehror Pacca. Tel: ++92-621-32734 (wheat)

Al-Mehar Seed Corporation, Golra Sharif Cotton Factory, Uch Sharif Road, Ahmad pur East, Diss. Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-51029 (wheat, cotton, maize, rice, potatoes)

Al-Mezan Seed Corporation, Kutchery Road, Near Pul Rajbah, Kabirwala, Khanewal. Tel: ++92-6512-410392 (wheat, cotton, rice, maize, gram, potatoes, oilseeds)

Al-Mukhtar Seed Corporation, Chak No. 173/P, Sadiqabad, Distt. R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-73988 (wheat, cotton)

Al-Nadeem Seed Corproration, K.L.P Road, Dera Shams, R.Y.Khan. Tel: ++92-731-3376 (wheat, cotton)

Al-Nasir Seed Company, Bhon Road, Chakwal. Tel: ++92-573-52233, 2844 (wheat, maize, vegetables)

Al-Noor Seed Corporation, H.No. 91, Block-H, Shah Rukn-e-Alam Colony, (Phase-II), Multan (wheat, cotton)

Al-Qadir Seed Corporation, Thana Road, Qabula, Arifwala, Sahiwal. Tel: ++92-441-51090 (wheat, cotton)

Al-Qaim Seeds and Agri. Services, Vehari Road, Multan. Tel: ++92-61- 528363; Fax: ++92-61-526014 (wheat, cotton)

Al-Sadiq Seed Corporation, 11-Green Town, Liaqatpur, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-7321, 2120 (wheat, cotton)

Al-Saeed Seed Corpration, 75-A, Feroza, The. Liaqatpur, Distt. R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-781051 (wheat, cotton)

Al-Seemi Seeds and Agri Services (Pvt) Ltd., 15-The Mall, Multan Cantt. Tel: ++92-61-51000, 513212, 512144; Fax: ++92-61-514404 (wheat, cotton)

Al-Shams Seeds and Agri Services, WAPDA Road, Liaqatpur, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-7321, 2741 (wheat, cotton)

Ali Bhai Seeds, Chowk Depalpur, Okra.Tel: ++92-442-79283, 79383.(wheat, cotton, rice, maize, fodders)

Ali Akbar Enterprises, 65-Commercial Area, 2nd Floor Cavalery Ground, Lahore; Tel: ++92-42-6661230, 6651204; Fax: ++92-42-666860 (cotton, maize, pulses, rice, vegetables)

Aman Seed and Agri Services (Pvt) Ltd., Rehman Abad, Mouza Ratta, Khana, The. Depalpur, Distt, Okara. Tel: ++92-442-540499, 524129 (wheat, cotton)

Apex Agro Chmeicals (Pvt.) Ltd., House No. 37, Al-Qadir Town, K.L.P Road, Ahmadpur East, Distt, Bahawalpur (wheat, cotton)

Arain Seed Corporation, Colony Road, Mailsi, Distt. Vehari. TeL ++92-693-410667 (wheat, cotton)

Asad Seed Corporation, Grain Market, Fort Abbas, Distt. Bahawalnagar. Tel: ++92-4445-410862 (wheat, cotton)

Asia Seed Corporation, 26-Grain Market, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-780057 (cotton)

ASKK Seeds, 8-E, Officers Colony, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-524210 (wheat, cotton)

Atom Seed Corporation, 32-Gran Market, Khanpur, Distt. R.Y. Khan (wheat, cotton, rice)

Awami Seed Corporation, 198-Haidary Market, Allama Iqbal Road, Sadiqabad. Tel: ++92-702-75975 (wheat, cotton)

Azam Seed Coproation, Grain Market, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-71854 (wheat, cotton, rice, maize)

Azkaa Seed Corporation, Choonahwala Road, Hasilpur, Distt. Bahawalnagar (wheat, cotton)

Baba Fareed Seed Corporation 100-A, Ramzan Town Arifwala (wheat, cotton)

Baba Seed Corporation, 18-B, Grain Market Sadiqabad, Distt, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-71676, 73276 (wheat, cotton)

Badal Seed Corporation, Ghalla Mandi, Sadiqabad, R.Y. Khan (wheat, cotton)

Badar Seed Corporation, Walhar road, Sanjarpur, The. Sadiqabad, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-780197 (wheat, cotton)

Bagho Bahar Seed Corporation, Bhopal Traders, Grain Market, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-78248 (wheat, cotton)

Bajwa Seed Corporation, 24-G Vehari. Tel: ++92-693-61776 (wheat, cotton)

Bakhtiar Agri Marketing Services (Pvt) Ltd., Seed Division, Bahawalpur Road, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-529868; Fax: ++92-61-528096 (wheat, cotton)

Baloch Seed Corporation, Baloch House, Bukhari Chowk, Kehror Pacca, Lodhran. Tel: ++92-6517-31254, 31271 (wheat, cotton)

Bari Traders (Seed Division), Flat No. 21 (First Floor), Sharif Mansion, Chowk Ganga Ram Hospital, Fatima Jinnah Road, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-6371550, Fax: ++92-42-6370318 (wheat, cotton, rice, maize, fodders, oilseeds)

BEPCO seed Corporation, Azam Spray Center, Ghausia Chowk Abdul Hakeem, Khanewal. Tel: ++92-692-41210 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Best Asia (Pvt.) Ltd., 6-A, Nabha Road, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-7350098 (wheat, cotton, rice, maize, fodders, vegetables)

Bhaba Seeds (Pvt) Ltd. Mouza Bhallo, Teh. Mailsi, Distt. Vehari. Tel: ++92-693-413799, 3299, 410799 (wheat, cotton)

Bias Seed Industries, 206, International Plaza, Bohra Seed Multan Cantt. Tel: ++92-61-585005; Fax: ++92-61-514468 (wheat, cotton, rice, maize)

Bilal Agro Seed Corporation, 5th Kilometer, Abu Dhabi Road, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-70495, 70830 (wheat, cotton)

Burewala Seeds, 96-G, Grain Market, Burewala, Vehari (wheat, cotton, rice, gram, pulses)

Burhan Chemcials and Seed Services, 35-E, Shah Rukn-e-Alam Colony, Phase-II, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-539543: Fax: ++92-61-539767 (wheat, cotton)

Challenge Seed Corporation, 70-Hyderi Market, Sadiqabad, Distt. R.Y. Khan (cotton)

Chamman Seed Corporation, 29-B Grain Market, Sadiqabad, Distt. R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-71458, 73495 (wheat, cotton)

Champion Chemical and Seeds, Pull 114/10-R, Thana Road, Wahla Market, Jehanian, Khanewal. Tel: ++92-692-320987 (wheat, cotton, rice, maize)

Chashma Seeds & Agro Services, Piplan, Distt. Mianwali. Tel: ++92-459-21664 (wheat, cotton, pulses)

Chatta Seed Corporation, Chak No. 109-R, Teh. Haroonabad, Distt. Bahawalnagar. Tel: ++92-631-540140, 540149 (wheat, cotton)

Chaudhry & Sons, Bait-ul-Mahmood, Sahi Colony, Daska, Sialkot. Tel: 92-432-4677 (potatoes)

Chaudhry Seed Corporation, c/o Chaudry Cotton Ginning and Pressing Factory, Multan Road, Burewala. Tel: ++92-477-52542 (wheat, cotton)

Chawan Seed Corporation, Plot No. 37/L, Block-S, New Multan,. Tel: ++92-61-554552(cotton)

Cheema Seed Corporation, Adda Kandawala Pull, Post Office Bangla Shahiwala, The. Yazman, Distt. Bahawalpur (wheat, cotton)

Cheeta Seed Corporation, Punjab Cotton Factory, Aqilpur Road, Rajanpur. Tel: ++92-6514-2560, 2366 (wheat, cotton, maize, vegetables, pulses)

Cotmex Enterprises (Regd), M.M. Road, Chowk Sarwar Shaheed, Teh. Kotaddu, Distt. Muzaffargarh. Tel: ++92-661-521245; Fax; ++92-661-5244060 (wheat, cotton, rice, maize, pulses)

Cotton Growers Services (Pvt) Ltd., Khanpur Road, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731- 78871; Fax: ++92-731-376892 (wheat, cotton)

Dada Seed Corporation, 14-Grain Market, Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-875936, 880524 (wheat, cotton)

Darian Seed Corporation (Regd.), 221-One Unit Chowk, Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-2200 (wheat, cotton)

Data Agro (Pvt) Ltd., 4-Shami Road, Lahore Cantt. Tel: ++92-42-374244; Fax: ++92-42-660055 (wheat, cotton, maize)

Daultana Seed Corproration, 2-D 3rd Floor, Iqbal Complex, 60 Shadman Market, Lahore (wheat, cotton, maize, potatoes, vegetables)

Dawood Seed Corporation, 415-419, Al-Fahad Building, Shahra-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-301901-5 (wheat, cotton, rice, maize, vegetables, oilseeds)

Dehkan Seed Corportation, 4-Bashir Market, Near Town Hall, r.y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-4244; Fax: ++92-731-78869 (wheat, cotton)

Desert Farm Seed Services, 7-A, Anwarabad Colony, Bahalwalpur. Tel: ++92-621-80138, 74095 (wheat, cotton, rice, vegetables)

Dewan Seed Corporation, Railway Road, Grain Market Sadiqabad. Tel: ++92-702-75070 (wheat, cotton)

Diamond Seed Corporation, 25-Jinnah Road, Quaid-e-Azam, Sahiwal (wheat, cotton, rice, maize)

Do-Aba Seed Coproration, 17-B, Justice Hameed Colony, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-521901, 524829 (wheat, cotton, rice, maize, pulses)

Dost Seed Corproation, Opposite Masjid General Bus Stand, Chah Mericwala, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-551273, 561266; Fax: ++92-61-560944 (wheat, cotton, rice, oilseeds)

Elahi Agricultural Services, Village Theatre Badian Road, Lahore> Tel: ++92-42-5600298; Fax: ++92-42-5710878 (wheat, rice)

Eley Seed Corporation, 165-D Burewala Distt. Vehari. Tel: ++92-693-54934 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Evergreen Seed Corporation, Shafique Cotton Factory, Tillu Road, Sadiqabad, Distt. R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-74095 (wheat, cotton)

Fahad Sadiq International Agro Services, 72-B, Gulgasht Colony, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-221896 (wheat, cotton)

Fareed Seed Corporation, 42/C, Block-X, Street A, Model Town C, Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-66267 (wheat, cotton)

Farm Power (Pvt) Ltd., 170-C Model Town, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-5866066-67; Fax: ++92-42-5837525; E-mail: (wheat, cotton, rice, pulses, maize, fodders, oilseeds, vegetables)

Farm Services Synidcate (Pvt) Ltd, (Seed Division), 101-Irfan Chambers, 130 Temple Road, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-733607, 7322566; Fax: ++92-42-7231780 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Farmers State Seed & Chemicals Corporation, 43-A, Block-Y, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Distt. R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-73578, 74577 (wheat, cotton)

Farmers Utilities, 51-Gulzar Center, General Bus Stand, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-554005(wheat, cotton, rice)

Fine Seed Corporation, 6-Ghalla Mandi, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-71254 (wheat, rice)

FMC United (Pvt.) Ltd., 14/1, Sarwar Road, Lahore Cantt. Tel: ++92-42-6664011, 6666317; Fax: ++92-42-6667516 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Food-Tech Associates, 4-K.M., Raiwind Road, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-7561324 (wheat, rice)

Freshgro Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd., 37-E Block, Vehari. Tel: ++92-693-915, 5917 (wheat, cotton)

G.A. International Seed Corporation, 18-B, Mohammadi Colony, Noor Mahal Road, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-874359 (wheat, rice, maize, pulses, vegetables, fodders)

GAMCO Seeds, Hajipura Circular Road, Daska, Distt. Sialkot. Tel: ++92-432-8452; Fax: ++92-432-610816; E-mail: (wheat, rice)

Ghausia Seed Corporation, Lasani Traders, 64-B, Grain Market Okara. Tel: ++92-442-540402-3 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Ghouri Seeds, Near Old Chungi No. 7, Jallo More, Lodhran Road, Kehror Pacca, Distt. Lodhran. Tel: ++92-6517-31442 (cotton)

Gill Seeds and Agro Services, Zafarullah House, Railway Road, Jehanian, Khanewal. Tel: ++92-692-210680; Fax: ++92-692-210777 (wheat, cotton)

Gizri Cotton (Pvt.), Ltd., Shafi Town, Shahbazpur road, Opposite Grid Station, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-7885 (wheat, cotton)

Gohar Seed Corporation, Makhdoom Rashid, Gohar Model Farm, P.O. Makhdoom Rashid, The. & Distt. Multan. Tel: ++92-61-552056 (wheat, cotton)

Golden Fiber Seed Corporation, Mouza Gooth Jor. Sadiqabad, R.Y. Khan, Tel: ++92-731-71380, 75080 (wheat, cotton)

Green Star Seed Farms (Pvt.) Ltd., Mandi Madrissa, Chishtian, Distt. Bahawalnagar. Tel: ++92-965-51250 (wheat, cotton)

Growth Masters (Pvt) Ltd., Al-Firdos, Old Shujabad Road, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-553458, Fax: ++92-61-563449 (wheat, cotton, vegetables, fodders)

Guard Seed Corporation, 14-C, Shah Rukne-e-Alam Colony, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-564335(wheat, cotton, maize, pulses, vegetables)

Habib Seed Corporation, 521, Alaziz Naqshbandi Colony, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-521948 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Haji Sons Seed Corporation, Shalimar Building, Lahore Road, Chiniot, Distt. Jhang. Tel: ++92-471-311338, 312238 (wheat, cotton, rice, pulses, potatoes, fodders)

Hamdard Seed Services, Gojra Road, T.T. singh. Tel: ++92-41-531296 (wheat, cotton)

Hamidpur Seed Services, Mouza Hamidpur, Near Qaboola, The. Arifwala, Distt. Pakpattan. Tel: ++92-443-51353-4(wheat, cotton, maize)

Haroon Seed Corporation, 356/D, Block-Y, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Scheme No. 2, R.Y. Khan (wheat, cotton)

Heera Seed Corporation, Adda Iqbal Abad, Mouza Dera Shams, K.L.P. Road, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-72994-5(wheat, cotton, maize)

Hi Sell Seed Industry, 42-B/1, Tariq Road Nawan Shehar, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-549520 (cotton, maize, vegetables, fodders)

Hudabia Seed Corporation, c/o Hafiz Agro Traders, Chak Chorhettah, Ghazi Road, D.G. Khan. Tel: ++92-641-69490 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Ideal seeds, Umarabad, Village Mohriwala, P.O. Rohillan Walli, Distt. Muzaffargarh. Tel: ++92-661-421575, 421351 (wheat, cotton)

Ikram Seed Corporation (Pvt) Ltd., c/o Waqar and Company, Multan Road, Vehari. Tel: ++92-62306, 61614 (wheat, cotton)

Imperial Business International (Seed Division) Pvt. Ltd., 10-G, Johar Town, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-5150050, 5116469, Fax: ++92-42-5150051 (wheat, cotton)

Imran Seed Corporation, Athara Hazari, Distt. Jhang (wheat, cotton, gram)

Inam Seed Corporation, 8-E, Scheme No. 2, Sahiwal. Tel: ++92-441-50267, 50967 (wheat, cotton, vegetables)

Inqilab Seed Corporation, Katchery Road, Kabirwala, Khanewal (wheat, cotton)

Insaf Seed Corporation, Ghalla Mandi, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-73886, 71759 (wheat, cotton)

Iqbal Seed Corporation, Bahawalpur Road, Lar Distt. Multan. Tel: ++92-61-57748 (wheat, pulses)

Ittefaq Seed Corporation, Ittefaq Cotton Industries, Jamal Din Wali Road, Sadiqabad. Tel: ++92- 75996; Fax: ++92-64804 (wheat, cotton, fodders)

Izhar Seed Corporation, Jetha Bhutta, Teh. Khanpur. Tel: ++92-707-782088 (wheat, cotton)

J. B. Seed Corporation, Jetha Bhutta, Teh. Khanpur. Tel: ++92-707-782088 (wheat, cotton, pulses)

Jabbar Seed International, 337-IDI, JSI, Township, Lahore. Fax: ++92-42-5862626 (wheat, potato, vegetables)

Jadeed Seed Corporation, Flat No. 45, 4th Floor, Haseeb Building, Press Market, 37-Shahi Road, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-75739 (wheat, cotton, vegetables, fodders, oilseeds)

Jaffar Brothers (Pvt) Ltd. Room No. 308, 3rd Floor, Eden Center, Jail Road, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-5687171, Fax: ++92-42-5683008(wheat, cotton, maize, vegetables, pulses)

JICO Pakistan (Seed Division), Suite No. 4, 4th Floor, Davis Hytes, 38-Davis Road, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-6312741 (cotton)

Johar Seed Corporation, 23/G, Grain Market, Teh. Burewala, Vehari (wheat, cotton, pulses, maize, rice, fodders)

Jullundhur Seed Corporation, P.O. Box 26, Rail Bazar, Arifwala. Tel: ++92-446-32394, 32717; Fax: ++92-446-31394 (wheat, cotton, pulses, maize)

Kamal Seed Corporation, (Pvt.) Ltd., Atta Market, Fazilpur, Distt. Rajanpur. Tel: ++92-6516-681284, 681309 (wheat, cotton)

Kashan Brothers, Main Bazar, Jehanian, Khanewal. Tel: ++92-692-210006; Fax: ++92-692-21007 (wheat, cotton)

Kashmir Seed Corporation, Zahirpir Road, P.O. Box 48, G.P.O. Khanpur (wheat, cotton)

*Khagga Seed Corporation, Mouza, Bharowal, P.O. Shamkot, Khanewal (wheat, cotton, maize, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables)

Khan Agri Research (Pvt) Ltd. Katchehry Road, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-51032, ++92-61-541691-92(wheat, rice)

Khan Crop Care (Pvt.) Ltd., 2nd Floor, Sadiq Chambers, 1-Punjmahal Road, Office 68, Mazang Road. Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-6308474-75; Fax: ++92-42-6314672(wheat, rice)

Khawar Baloch Seed Industry (Pvt.) Ltd., Kot Mithan Road, Rajanpur. Tel: ++92-6516-51032, 541691-92 (wheat, cotton)

Khichi Brothers (Pvt) Ltd. (Seed Division), 14-B Grain Market, Vehari. Tel: ++92-693-65219 (wheat, cotton, rice, pulses)

Khichi Seed Corporation, Khichi House, Village Fadda, Mailisi, Vehari. Tel: ++92-693-218410-456 (wheat, cotton)

Khurshid Seed Corporation, 61-B, Grain Market, Vehari. Tel: ++92-693-3272 (wheat, cotton)

Khushal Seed Corporation, B-50, Ghalla Mandi, Sadiqabad, Distt. R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-73309, 72708 (wheat, cotton)

Khyber Seed Corporation, 103-Faisal Town, Mianchannu. Tel: ++92-448-2189, 4189 (cotton)

Kibriya Seed Corporation, Chak No. 55/P, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-78305 (wheat, cotton)

King Seed Corporation, 74-A, Faisal Bazar, P.O. Box 61, Sadiqabad, R.Y. Khan (wheat, cotton, rice, oilseeds, vegetables)

Kissan Agro Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd (Seed Division), Street No. 3, 41-A, Nasir Road, Lahore Cantt. Tel: ++92-42-6666680 (wheat, cotton, maize)

Kissan Board Seeds and Farm Services, 6-Kamran Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Wahdat Road, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-441708, 5412708 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Kissan Seed Corporation, 3-KM. Multan Road, Near Jamia Anwar-e-Rehmat, Pul 134/9L, P.O. Box 21, Sahiwal. Tel: ++92-441-62697, 65413 (wheat, cotton, rice, maize)

Kissan Supplies Services (Pvt.) Ltd., 46/2nd Floor, Hafeeze Center, Gulberg-III, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-5752247-8; Fax: ++92-42-5752249; E-mail: (wheat, cotton, rice)

Laraib Seed Corporation, 30-Sadiq Colony, Dubai Road, Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-72126 (wheat, cotton)

Larr Seed Corporation, Adda Laar, Bahawalpur Road, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-5774419 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Leader Seed Corporation, Jamal Chowk, Pakpattan Sharif. Tel: ++92-443-72178, 35783571 (wheat, cotton, rice, maize)

Liaqat Seed Corporation, Chishtian Road, Hasilpur, Distt. Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-42448 (wheat, cotton)

Lodhran Seed Corporation, Rana Traders, Dhanot, Kehror Pacca, Distt. Lodhran. Tel: ++92-6517-532274 (wheat, cotton)

M.B. Seed Corporation, Brothers Model Cotton Industries (Pvt.) Ltd., Aansi Road, Rajanpur (wheat, cotton)

Madina Agro Corporation, c/o Madina Cotton Industries, K.L.P. Road Sadiqabad, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-73763, 72763 (wheat, cotton)

Madni Agro Services, Ghalla Mandi, Kotaddu. Distt. Muzaffargarh. Tel: ++92-661-42907, 41579 (wheat, cotton)

Mahfooz Seed Industry Ltd., Mahfoozabad, Teh. Mailsi, Distt. Vehari. Tel: ++92-693-410322, 410490, 3662, 3663 (wheat, cotton, pulses)

Makhdoom Seed Corporation, c/o Shalimar Model Industries, Bahudipur Quraishian, R. Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-65117 (cotton)

Mkaki Seed Corporation,, Chacha Basti, Ahmadpur East, Distt. Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-71874(wheat, cotton, rice)

Malik Seed Corporation, Ghalla Mandi, Khuddian Khan, Distt. Kasur. Tel: ++92-492-791186(wheat, cotton, rice, vegetables)

Manthar Seed Corporation, Ghalla Mandi, Sadiqabad, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-71810, 71670, 74710 (wheat, cotton)

Maroof Seed Corporation, Adda Chowk No. 45/DNB, P.O Bangal, Shahiwala, Teh. Yazman, Distt. Bahawalpur (wheat, cotton)

Marral Seed Farms, 8-Guldin Colony, Qasba Marral, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-546034 (wheat, cotton)

Master Seed Corporation, Ghalla Mandi, Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621- 2973, 71432 (wheat, cotton, rice, gram, fodders)

Mavra Agri Services Ltd., Chowk Bhatta Kotla, Mousa Khan Road, Ahmadpur, Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-78206 (wheat, cotton)

Mehr Mohammad Din & Sons, M.M. Din Plaza, Sheikhupura Road, Gujranwala. Tel: ++92-431-273163-64; Fax: ++92-431-273165; E-mail: (wheat, vegetables)

Mehtab Seed Corporation, 13-Grain Market, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-71200 (wheat, cotton, rice, maize, pulses)

Mian Seed Corporation, Kandair Road, Sanjarpur, Sadiqabad, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731- 780342 (wheat, cotton)

Millat Seed Corporation, Chowk Bahadarpur, K.L.P. Road, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-72466-67, Fax: ++92-731-72465 (wheat, cotton)

Model Seed Corporation, Mouza Aziz Quhum, Teh.Mailsi, Distt. Vehari (wheat, cotton)

Moon Seed & Chemical Corporation, 47-D, Block-Z, Model Town 'C', Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-876016, 881310 (wheat, cotton)

Mubashir Manzoor Seed, 213-B, Block-X, Scheme No. 3, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-79062 (wheat, cotton)

Mumtaz Seed Corporation, 74-Haidry Market, Sadiqabad, R.Y Khan. Tel: ++92-731-72870, 2717 (wheat, cotton)

Narma Seeds (Pvt) Ltd., Main Boulevard, LCCHS, Lahore Cantt.. Tel: ++92-42-890811, 893570-71; Fax: ++92-42-5720745 (cotton)

Nasir Complex, 21-D, Ex-Distt. Jail Road, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-512005 (wheat, cotton)

National Seed Corporation, Siraj Industries, Minthar Road, Sadiqabad, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-73724, 73224, 3189; Fax: ++92-731-71789 (wheat, cotton, vegetables)

Naya Daur Seed Corporation, Addah Gulberg, Near Imama Bargah, Rainbow Cinema Road, R.Y. Khan (wheat, cotton)

Neelam Seeds, 100-Neelam Street, Vehari Road, P.O. Mumtazabad, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-528011-12; Fax: ++92-61-528059 (wheat, cotton)

Niazi Farms (Seed Division), 124-C, Askari Housing Complex, Walton Airport, Gulberg-III, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-5866747 (wheat, rice, maize)

Nokan Seeds (Pvt.) Ltd., 110-A, Government Officers Cooperative Housing Society, Fareed Town, Sahiwal. Tel: ++92-441-51049; Fax: ++92-441-53014 (wheat, cotton, vegetables)

North Star Seed Corporation, Mouza Saranwala, Teh. Duniapur, Distt. Lodhran (wheat, cotton)

Oghas Seed Corporation, Maharaja More, Distt. Jhang. Tel: ++92-471-320361, 320330; Fax: ++92-471-320206 (wheat, cotton, rice, fodders, vegetables)

Olympic Seed Corporation, 16-B,Grain Market, Sadiqabad, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-75518, 75118 (wheat, cotton)

Omega Agri Corporation (Pvt) Ltd. (Seed Division), 79-B, Grain Market, Vehari. Tel: ++92-693- 62439, 62011 (wheat, cotton)

Pak Agro International Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd., Liaqatabad, Piplan, Mianwali. Tel: ++92-459-5115,21524 (wheat, cotton, pulses, gram, vegetables)

Pak Agro Services and Seeds, House No. 229, St. 19, G-10/2, Islamabad. Tel: ++92-51-297221; Fax: ++92-51-297821. E-mail: (wheat, cotton)

Pakistan Seed Corporation, C/5-24, Jail Road, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-488437; Fax: ++92-42-487448 (vegetables, pulses, fodders, oilseeds,)

Pakland Seeds, G.T. Road (By pass), Iqbal Nagar, Chichawatni, Sahiwal. Tel: ++92-441-420123, 64187 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Pamir Seed, c/o Pamir Cotton Ginners, K.L. P Road, Sadiqabad, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-75395 (wheat, cotton)

Pan Atlantic Agro Chmeicals & Seeds, Rana Town, Bahranwala, Teh. Chishtian, Distt. Bahawalnagar. Tel: ++92-631-410166; Fax: ++92-631-411265 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Pasban Seed Corporation, K.L.P. Road, Sanjarpur, Sadiqabad, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-76123 (wheat, cotton)

Peasant Marketing (Pvt) Ltd., 39/B Grain Market, Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-874542, 880852 (wheat, cotton)

Pehchan Pakistan Seeds (Pvt) Ltd., Multan Road, Mailis. Tel: ++92-6351-2751, 2651 (wheat, vegetables, pulses)

Prime Seed Corporation, 24-D, Block-W, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-79452 (wheat, cotton)

Protein International (Pvt.) Ltd., Alhamdolillah Farms, 12-KM Mandra, Chakwal Road, Teh. Gujar Khan, Distt. Rawalpindi. Tel: ++92-51-78537 (vegetables, potatoes)

Punjnad Seeds (Regd), 5-Rasoolabad Colony, Hasilpur, Distt. Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-24288, 2728 (wheat, cotton, pulses, oilseeds, fodders)

Qari Rid Seed Corporation, P.O Basti Kacha, Chak No. 1061/P. R.Y. Khan (wheat, cotton)

Quality Seed Corporation, 232/2, Block-VI, Model Town-B, Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-884450 (wheat, cotton)

Qureshpur Seeds (Pvt.) Ltd., 162-Abunakr Block, New Garden Town, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-796332; Fax: ++92-42-7965599 (wheat, cotton, fodders, vegetables)

Rachna Agri Business, 2-Mini Stadium, Sheikhupura Road, P.O. Box 589, Gujranwala. Tel: ++92-431-223408, 218894; Fax: ++92-218343; E-mail:" (wheat, rice, maize, oilseeds, vegetables, potatoes)

Radical Seed Corporation, Plot no. 11, Opposite Power House, WAPDA, Khanpur, R.y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-71015-16 (wheat, cotton)

Rahim Yar Khan Seed Corporation, House No. 210/C, Satellite Town, Distt.. R.Y. Khan (wheat, cotton)

Raie Agro International Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. 24-B, Grain Market, Khanewal. Tel: ++92-692-53069 (wheat, cotton, pulses, oilseeds, fodders)

Raja Seed Corporation, 10-A, Grain Market, G.T. Road, Chanigoth, Distt. Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-72973; Fax: ++92-621-72373 (wheat, cotton)

Ramday Seed Corporation, Chak No. 254/G.B. Soundh, The. & Distt. T.T. Singh. Tel: ++92-441-540454, 540680 (wheat, cotton)

Ranjha Seed Corporation, Haidery Market, Sadiqabad, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-71442, 75733 (cotton)

Rasheed Seed Corporation, 23-A, Gulgasht Colony, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-524523, 224823 (wheat, cotton, maize)

Ravi Seed Corporation, 26-D, Shah Rukn-e-Alam Colony, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-222326, 551021 (wheat, cotton, pulses, maize, gram, vegetables)

Rawal Seed Corporation, 29-B, Grain Market, Sadiqabad, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-75818, 73292; Fax: 72317 (wheat, cotton)

R. B. Avari (Pvt.) Ltd, Farm Services Syndicate, Baba Farid Chowk, Pakpattan. Tel: ++92-72930 (sorghum hybrid, musk melon)

Rehman Trading Company (Seed Division), 1-Liaqat Road, Vehari. Tel: ++92-693-2313, 62043 (wheat, cotton)

Rehmat Seed Corporation, Chak No. 103-P, 8-KM, Sheikh Zaid Sultan Road, Distt. R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-78537

Resham Seed Corporation, 50-Grain Market, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-70381-82; Fax: ++92-731-70802 (wheat, cotton)

Rich Green Seed Industries, 313-Raja Chambers, Fatima Jinnah Road, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-486335, 486339 (vegetables, pulses, oilseeds, fodders)

River Gold Seed Corporation, Railway Road, Sadiqabad, R.Y. Khan (wheat, cotton, pulse, maize)

Roberts Cotton Associates Ltd., Civil Line, P.O. Box 20, Khanewal. Tel: ++92-692-51983, 53631; Fax: ++92-692-53531 (wheat, cotton)

Rohi Seed Corporation, Railway Road, Rajanpur. Tel: ++92-6516-2131,2305 (wheat, cotton)

Roshan Seed Corporation, House No. 317-D, Satellite Town, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-75291, 4791 (wheat, cotton)

Ryka Seed Corporation, Firdos Market, Shahi Road, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-74061, 70002 (wheat, cotton)

S.A. S Seed Corporation, Near Central Jail Road, Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-81892 (wheat, cotton)

S.M. Seed Corporation, Grain Market, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-75035 (wheat, cotton)

Saad Seed Corporation, Grain Market, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-71050 (wheat, cotton)

Sagro Seed Corporation, Grain Market, Khanpur, Distt. R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-71181 (wheat, cotton)

Sardar Jhandir Seed Industry, Sardarpur Jhandir, Mailsi, Vehari. Tel: ++92-693-2131, 2305, 76878 (wheat, cotton, pulses, vegetables)

Sarwar Seed Corporation, 39-K, Rail Bazar, Sadiqabad. Tel: ++92-702-73971; Fax: ++92-702-73972 (wheat, cotton)

Sattar Naeem Shaheed (Pvt.) Ltd., 140-Almaskan, G.T. Road, Baghbanpura, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-6853229 (wheat, cotton)

Searani Seed Services, Railway Road, Sadiqabad, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-71439 (wheat, cotton)

Seed and Seed Processing, 10-L, Model Town Ext., Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-5164717; Fax: ++92-42-5164717 (wheat, rice)

Seed Gro, Seed Producers & Farm Consultants, 114-New Town, P.o. Box 86 Sadiqabad, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731- 737347, 2248; Fax: ++92-731-74587 (wheat, cotton, maize, pulses, vegetables, fodders)

Seed Lines Corporation, 37-A, Qadir Town, K.L. P. Road, Ahmadpur East, Distt. Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-72541, 2582 (wheat, cotton, maize, potatoes)

Shad Seed Corporation, 64-B, Grain Market, Vehari. Tel: ++92-693-61887; Fax: ++92-693-63887 (wheat, cotton)

Shadab Seed Corporation, Plot No. 46, Abbasia Road, Liaqatpur, R.Y. Khan (wheat, cotton)

Shahbaz Seed Corporation, 7-Rain Market, 1 Sadiqabad, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-73129, 3246 (wheat, cotton, fodders)

Shaheen Agro Seed Corporation, 14-B, Kapoor Thalla House, Old Anarkali, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-7359115 (wheat, rice)

Shahid Kissan Seed Corporation, Sanjarpur, Sadikabad, R.Y. Khan (wheat, cotton)

Shan Seed Industry, c/o Hakim Ali & Sons, Makhdoompur Road, Kabirwala, Khanewal. . Tel: ++92-692-410909 n (wheat, cotton, maize, pulse, vegetables)

Sikandar Seeds, 15-A, Officer Colony, Fareed Town, Sahiwal. Tel: ++92-441-51001 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Sinker Seed Corporation, (Abdullah & Company) Grain Market, Sadiqabad, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-73917, 3229 (cotton)

Soghat Seed Corporation, 56-Leghari Colony, Canal Bank, Sadiqabad. Tel: ++92-702-74800 (wheat, cotton, oilseeds, vegetables)

Sohna Agri Concern Corporation, Pull Rakh, Depalpur Road, Pakpattan. Tel: ++92-72754, 71454, 72454 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Soldier Seed Corporation, Head Office Chak No. 317-GB, P.O Chak 316-GB, T.T. Singh. Tel: ++92-462-57104, 57517 (wheat, cotton)

Sonar Seed Corporation, Bahind Grain Market, 37-Factory Area, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-4526, 70129 (wheat, cotton)

Subhan Seed & Chemical Corporation, 6-A, Mohammad Hussain Road, Model Town-A, Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-883341, 888245 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Suleman Agro Seed Corporation, Old Grain Market, Khanpur, Distt. R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-71385 (wheat)

Sunder Seed Products, 24-Madina Town, Khanewal (wheat, cotton, gram)

Super Seed Corporation, Shop No. 60-B, Grain Market, Sadiqabad. Tel: ++92-702-71530 (wheat, cotton)

Sutlej Seeds, 31A, Grain Market, Hasilpur, Distt. Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-41605 (wheat, cotton)

Tareen Seed Farms (Pvt) Ltd., 27-Officers Colony, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-31271, 21275 (wheat, cotton, vegetables, pulses, fodders)

Thakar Agro Chmeicals and Seed Corporation, 5-Jail Road, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-74885 (wheat, cotton)

Thall Seed Corporation, Mouza Alamgir, Chak Dhoriwala, Near Chowk Nagshan, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-7963500 (wheat, cotton)

*Top Class Seed Corporation, First Floor Shahdin Plaza, Stadium Road, Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-885848 (wheat, cotton, rice, maize)

Trainity Seed Company, Al-Madina, Ashraf Town, Church Road, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-79188 (wheat, cotton)

Tri Star Seed Corporation, 7-Grain Market, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-72225, 74451 (wheat, cotton)

Ujala Seed Corporation, Hyderi Market, Sadiqabad, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-3082 (cotton)

Ummer Seed and Agri Services, Jullundhar Colony Road, Hasilpur, Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-42433 (wheat, cotton)

Uni Seed Corporation, 512-H, Main Gulshan-e-Ravi, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-71713, 3714; Fax: ++92-42-7466346 (wheat, cotton)

United Seed Corporation, Ghalla Mandi, Pakpattan, Shop No. 3857, Pakpattan. Tel: ++92-443-728241-6 (wheat, cotton)

Universal Seed Corporation, 10-Bnasheman Colony, Bosan Road, Multan (wheat, cotton, rice)

Usman Seed Corporation, 2-Sattar Complex, Stadium Road, Sahiwal. Tel: ++92-441-77076tc "Katchehry Road, Sahiwal. Tel: ++92-441-77076 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Wahid Corporation (Wahid Seeds), Baba Farid Chowk, Pakpattan. Tel: ++92-443-72148; E-mail: (wheat, cotton, rice, maize, vegetables)

Waqar Seed Corporation, House No. 49, Walayatabad No.2, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-232730 (wheat, cotton)

Warrind Seed Corporation, Public Health Road, Sadiqabad, Distt. R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-725661, 74990 (wheat, cotton)

Weal AG Corporation, Suite No. 11, 3rd Floor Shan Arcade, New Garden Town, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-5868567; Fax: ++92-42-5868567; E-mail: (wheat, cotton, rice)

Wel Grow Seed Industries, Grain Market, Jehanian, Khanewal. Tel: ++92-492-210680, 210294 (wheat, cotton, rice, vegetables)

White Flower Seed Corporation, c/o Mubashir Zarai Corporation, Hospital Road, New Grain Market, Mandi Yazman, Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-2296 (cotton, rice)

Worldwide Agro Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd., 25-Lower Mall, 3rd Floor, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-2112983, 314321; Fax: ++92-42-7314323 (wheat, cotton, vegetables, pulses, oilseeds)

Yaseen Farms, Chak-6/11-L, Harrappa, Teh. Chichawatni, Sahiwal. Tel: ++92-441-3346 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Yasrab Seed and Chemicals Corporation, 308-CA, Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Road, Model Town-A, Bahawalpur. Tel: ++92-621-877825, 85152 (wheat, cotton)

Zafar Seed Corporation, Bajwa Market, Opposite Town Committee, Forte Abbas, Bahawalnagar (wheat, cotton)

Zaheerabad Seed Corporation, Zaheernagar, Burewala, Vehari. Tel: ++92-693-55172 (wheat, cotton, rice, maize)

Zahid Seed Corporation, 350-D, Block-Y, Scheme No.2, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, R.Y. Khan. Tel: ++92-731-71898 (wheat, rice, maize, fodders, vegetables)

Zahoor Seed Corporation, c/o Agroline Services (Pvt.) Ltd., Meo House, Bypass Road, New Multan. Tel: ++92-61- 589168 (wheat, cotton)

Zaman Seed Corporation, 84-Nusrat Road, Hussain Arcade, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-577362-63 (wheat, cotton, rice, maize)

Zamindara Seed Corporation, Mouza Soba Ram, Okara Road, Depalpur, Okara. Tel: ++92-442-540602, 540902, 3779 (wheat, cotton, rice, maize, pulses)

Zarai Seed Corporation, Mujahid Town, Opposite Shujabad Road, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-526682 (wheat, cotton)

Sindh Province

Advance Seed Corporation, Tando Soomro Road, Tando Allah Yar, Distt. Hyderabad. Tel: ++92-221-890422 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Aftab Seed Corporation, Dastgeer Colony, Ward No. 1, Moro, Distt. Noshero Feroze. Tel: ++92-7053-2458 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Agricola Seed Services, 5-C Maqbool Lodges, Sindhi Society, Airport Road, Sukkur. Tel: ++92-71-30430, 30074; Mobile: 0371-7921124, 0743-210859 (wheat, cotton, rice, gram)

*Bhanbhore Seed & Agro Services, Near Bilal Masjid, Sabzi Mandi Road, Ghotki. Tel: ++92-703-82955 (wheat, cotton, rice, potatoes)

Engro Chemical Pakistan Ltd, 8th Floor, PNSC Building, M T Khan Road, Karachi - 74000, Sindh. Tel: ++ 92-21-5611060; Fax: ++ 92-21-5610689 (maize, sorghum, sunflower, rice, wheat, cotton)

Faisal Seed Corporation, Salehpat, Distt. Sukkur. Tel: ++92-71-660052; Fax: ++92-71-660071 (wheat, cotton, rice, gram)

Hyderabad Seed Corporation, 182-F, Citzens Cooperative Housing Society, Hyderabad, Sindh (wheat, cotton)

Hy-Gro Seed Products, Bunglow No. 12, Block-15, Satellite Town, Mir Pur Khas, Sindh. Tel: ++92-231-3113; Fax: ++92-231-3812 (wheat, cotton, maize, pulses, oilseeds)

Kamil & Company, Station Road, Shahdapur, Distt. Sanghar. Tel: ++92-2232-41391 (wheat, cotton, pulses, rape and mustard)

Lal Seed Corporation, c/o Laal Cotton Ginners, G.T. Road, Distt. Sukkur. Tel: ++92-71-51669, 650367; Fax: ++92-71-650369 (wheat, cotton, rice)

M.S. Trading Corporation, Seed Producers, Madina Masjid Road, Street No. 2, Gulshan Colony, Karachi-53. Tel: ++92-21-7521794; Fax: ++92-21-2635276-77 (vegetables)

Mehran Seed Corporation, Zafar Bazar, Dharki, Ghotki, Sindh. Tel: ++92-703-22193 (wheat, cotton, gram)

Pak Sindh Corporation, 577-Defence Garden, Plot No. 87, Phase-1, DHA, National Highway, Korrangi Road, Karachi, Post Code 75500. Tel: ++92-21-548765; Fax: ++92-21-5887676 (wheat, cotton)

Pearl Seeds (Pvt.) Ltd., 115/D, Auto Bhan Road, Unit No., Hyderabad. Tel: ++92-221-869311 (wheat, cotton, rice)

PTI Seed & Chemical Corporation, B-1, 2nd Floor, Salamn Center, Street No. 4, Block-6, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi. Tel: ++92-21-4978150-1; Fax: ++92-21-4978170 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Rehmomer & Company (Seed Division), Opposite Mehrabpur, Railway Junction, Star Cotton Ginning Factory, Nosheroferoze, Sindh. Tel: ++92-7092-605,667,735; Karachi: Tel: ++92-21-2429484; Fax: ++92-21-2428847 (wheat, cotton)

Sony Seeds & Agro Services, Khanpur Maher, Distt. Ghotki (wheat, cotton)

Sukaar Agro (Pvt.) Ltd., D-11, Bath Island, Street No. 5, Karachi. Tel: ++92-21-587028 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Tassco Seed Corporation, Mansoor Colony, Nasarpur Road, Tando Alahyar, Hyderabad. Tel: ++92-221-890422 (wheat, cotton, rice)

Zarkhez Seed Corporation, Qazzafi Pesticides Building, Station Road, Kunri, Distt. Umerkot. Tel: ++92-2239-02381 (wheat, cotton, vegetables, fodders)

North West Frontier Province

A.H. Seed Processing Industries, 12- the Mall, D.I. Khan Cantt. Tel: ++92-961-710469 (wheat)

Polyvin Seed International (Pvt.) Ltd., Ronyal, Swat. Tel: ++92-936-245770-1 (wheat, maize, oilseeds, vegetables)

Sarhad Seed Supply Company, Airport Road, Swat. Tel: ++92-936-710981, 811042 (wheat, potatoes, maize, vegetables)

Swat Seeds and Farms Services, Bari Kot, Swat. Tel: ++92-936-751256 (vegetables, oilseeds)

The Chamber of Private Seed Industry, 22-A, Mumtazabad, Multan, Pakistan; Tel: ++92-061-524210, 529069; Fax: ++92-061-230017; E-mail: 

Seed Companies Association of Pakistan (SCAP), c/o Pioneer Pakistan Seeds Pvt. Ltd., 14-L, Model Town Extension, Lahore, Pakistan; Tel: ++92-42-5164978; Fax: ++92-42-5166458 

All Sindh Private Seed Companies Organization (ASPSCO), Kamal Khan Market, Nasirpur Road, Tando, Allahyar, District Hyderabad, Pakistan. Tel: ++94-2331-891622 

Seed Associations of Pakistan (SAP), c/o Roberts Cotton Associate, Sir William Roberts Road, Civil Lines, Khanewal, Pakistan; Tel: ++92-692-53551, 51191; Fax: ++92-692-53531 

Association Seed Companies of Pakistan (ASCOP), 110-A, Government Officers Cooperative Society Farid Town, Sahiwal. Tel & Fax: ++92-441-51049; E-mail: 

All Pakistan Seed Merchants and Seed Dealers Association (APSMTA), c/o Muhammad Siddique & Sons, P-167, New Grain Market, Dijkot Road, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Tel: ++92-41-612232,634943; Fax: ++92-41-614175 

Pakistan Society of Seed Technologists (PAKSSET), c/o Director General, FSCRD, Mauve Area, G-9/4, Islamabad-44000, Pakistan; Tel: ++92-51-4449117; Fax: ++92-51-9260234; E-mail: 

National Agricultural Research Center, P.O. Box 131, Islamabad 44000. Tel: ++92-51-240297; Fax: ++92-52-240909

Pakistan Central Cotton Committee, Maulvi Tameezuddin Road, Karachi. Tel: ++92-21-5684106, 5684115

Plant Quarantine Department, Jinnah Avenue, Malir Halt, Karachi. Tel: ++92-21-4822347

Plant Quarantine Department, Islamabad. Tel: ++92-51-817892

Plant Quarantine Department, Gilgilit

Plant Quarantine Department, Lahore

Plant Quarantine Department, Peshawar

Plant Quarantine Department, Quetta

Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Islamabad
Ministry of Commerce, Islamabad

Central Seed Testing Laboratory, FSCD, Mauve Area, G-9/4, Islamabad. Tel: ++92-51-9260126, 9260236, 9260237; Fax: 92-51-9260234; E-mail:

*Office of the Deputy Director & Seed Testing Laboratory, c/oAyub Agricultural Research Station, Jhang Road, Faisalabad. Tel: ++96-41-653182

Regional Seed Testing Laboratory, Madina Colony, Madni Chowk, D. I. Khan. Tel: ++92-961-811904

Regional Seed Testing Laboratory, P.O. Box 564, GPO Airport Road, Kashrot, Gilgit. Tel: ++92-572-3193

Regional Seed Testing Laboratory, Bungalow No. 23-24/D, Unit 2, Shah Latifabad No.2, Hyderabad. Tel: ++92-221-84917

Regional Seed Testing Laboratory, House No. L1, Street No. 27, Model Colony, Karachi 75100. Tel: ++92-21-4512228

Regional Seed Testing Laboratory, Chak No. 81-82/ 10-R, Peerowal, Near PSC Farm, Khanewal. Tel: ++92-692-68057

Regional Seed Testing Laboratory, 4-Lytton Road, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-7356154

Regional Seed Testing Laboratory, House No. 116/K, Shah Rukn-e-Alam Colony, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-561692

Regional Seed Testing Laboratory, Benevolent Fund Building, Hall No. 608, 6th Floor, Peshawar. Tel: ++92-91-240838

Regional Seed Testing Laboratory, Block No. 5, 6-2nd Floor, Near Comptroller Balochistan, Sariab Road, Quetta. Tel: ++92-81-9211136

Regional Seed Testing Laboratory, Pakpattan Road, P.O. Box 65, Sahiwal. Tel: ++92-441-66267

Regional Seed Testing Laboratory,Chowk Bahadur Pur, Near PSC Seed Plant, Rahim Yar Kahn. Tel: ++92-731-674247

Regional Seed Testing Laboratory, Near Pai Farm, Sakrand. Tel: ++92-24151-736

Regional Seed Testing Laboratory, 210-A, Satellite Town, Sargodha. Tel: ++92-451-212717

Regional Seed Testing Laboratory, Bungalow No. 148-B, St. No. 4, Friends Cooperative Housing Society, Akhuwat Nagar Road, Sukkar. Tel: ++92-71-31346

Regional Seed Testing Laboratory, c/o P.O. Box 21, Saidu Sharif, Agricultural Research Station (North), Mingora, Swat. Tel: ++92-936-813612

Central Seed Testing Laboratory, Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department, G-9/4, Mauve Area, Islamabad 44000. Tel: ++92-51-9260126, 9260236, 9260121; Fax: 92-51-9260234; E-mail:

Plant Genetic Resources Institute, NARC, Islamabad. Tel: ++92-51-240146; Fax: ++92-51-240104

Central Seed Testing Laboratory, Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department, G-9/4, Mauve Area, Islamabad 44000. Tel: ++92-51-9260126, 9260236, 9260121; Fax: 92-51-9260234; E-mail:


Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department (FSCRD), G-9/4, Mauve Area, Islamabad 44000. Tel: ++92-51-853176; Fax: ++92-51-857509; E-mail: FSCD@seed.isb,
Dr Akhlaq Hussain, Director General
?, Director (Variety Registration)
Muhammad Naseer Chaudhary, Director (Seed Certification)
Syed Safi Ahsan Rizvi, Director (Seed Testing)
Muhammad Ibrahim, Deputy Director (Taxonomy)
Dr Shakeel Ahmad Khan, Deputy Director
Abdus Samad, Deputy Director
Faqir Ahsan Ch., Deputy Director
Dr Abdul Rauf Bhutta, Assistant Director
Dr Mohammad Ashraf Tajammal, Research Officer
Dr Tayyab Jauil Ji, Research Officer
Iftikhar Haider, Seed Analyst
Ms Saleh Siddiqua Rehman, Seed Analyst

FSCRD, Ayub Agricultural Research Station, Jhang Road, Faisalabad. Tel: ++96-41-653182
Latif Shad, Deputy Director

FSCRD, Bungalow No. 324/D, Unit 2, Shah Latifabad, Hyderabad. Tel: ++92-221-863451
Muhammad Butha, Deputy Director

FSCRD, 4-Lytton Road, Lahore. Tel: ++92-42-356154
Mian Muhammad Wajid, Regional Director (NWFP)
Tariq Mahmood, Seed Certification Officer

FSCRD, Chak 81-82/10-R, Perowal, Khanewal
Munir Ahmad Naz, Deputy Director
Muhammad Tariq, Seed Certification Officer

FSCRD, House No. 116K Shah, Rukne Alam Colony, Multan. Tel: ++92-61-561692
Liaqat Ali Arshad, Deputy Director

FSCRD, Near Comptroller Office, Sariab Road, Quetta
Mohamed Nusratulla Khan, Deputy Director

Regional Seed Testing Laboratory, P.O. Box 101, Rahim Yar Kahn. Tel: 0731-3267
Munir Ahmad, Regional Director (Sindh)
Muhammad Aslam, Seed Certification Officer

FSCRD, Shamasabad Murree Road, Rawalpindi. Tel: ++92-51-847627
Abdus Samad, Deputy Director
Faqir Hussain, Deputy Director

FSCRD, Parkpattan Road, Sahiwal, Punjab. Tel: ++92-441-356154
Abdul Ghafoor, Regional Director
Abdul Rahim, Deputy Director
Khushi Muhammda Khurshid, Seed Certification Officer
Muhammad Riaz, Seed Certification Officer
Muhammad Hussain, Seed Certification Officer
Tariq Mahmood, Seed Certification Officer

FSCRD, Regional Seed Testing Laboratory, Sakrand. Tel: 024151-736
Anwar Uddin Memon, Seed Certification Officer
Bakhsh Ali Samtio, Seed Certification Officer

FSCRD, Regional Seed Testing Laboratory, Bungalow No. 18-A, Hamdard Cooperative Housing Society, Airport Road, Sukkar. Tel: ++92-71-22496/26915
Muhammad Aslam Arian, Deputy Director
Qadir Bakhsh Channa, Seed Certification Officer

FSCRD, Regional Seed Testing Laboratory, H.No L1, Street 27 Model Colony, Karachi-75100. Tel: ++92-21-4512228; E-mail:
Muhammad Boota, Deputy Director
Dr Najeebuddin Siddiqui, Seed Certification Officer
Qasim Khan, Seed Certification Officer
Iqrar Hussain, Seed Certification Officer

Regional Seed Testing Laboratory, Main Street, Eidgah Road, Ashrafia Colony, Peshawar. Tel: ++92-91-240838
Dr Shahid Khan, Deputy Director
Mian Ziauddin, Seed Certification Officer
Imtiaz Ahmad, Seed Analyst