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Agricultural marketing and value chain analysis

Agricultural markets in developing countries are characterized by deep-rooted inefficiencies – often the result of policy failures, high transaction costs, information asymmetries, incomplete property rights, and barriers to entry. At ICARDA, analyses of agricultural marketing and value chains help to:

  • Identify and better understand the structure and performance of agricultural markets and value chains in the dry areas of the developing world
  • Identify and map marketing channels and actors
  • Measure the distribution of prices, margins and transaction costs
  • Test and develop alternative institutional innovations for improving markets for small producers and consumers
  • Evaluate and develop policy options for enhancing the market environment - with an emphasis on the appropriate role of the public and private sector.

Contact person: Girma Tesfahun Kassie (

Dr. Girma T. Kassie received his Bachelors (1994) and Masters (2002) Degree in Agricultural Economics from Haramaya University, Ethiopia, and a PhD in World food economics from the University of Kiel, Germany. His current research focuses on agricultural marketing and value chain analysis, applied choice analysis, efficiency of agricultural risk management, and the economic impact of research and development investments.