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Agricultural policy analysis

Agricultural policy analysis is concerned with the relations between agriculture, economics, and society. We research agricultural policies that aim, within efficiency and equity parameters, to improve national food security, agricultural development, environmental protection, land and water management, and poverty relief.

Our research analysis includes:

  • Policies for domestic and international agricultural product markets
  • Supply and demand
  • Price stability
  • Land and water use
  • Enabling policies and institutional options to enhance the uptake and impact of improved technologies
  • The optimized sustainable use of natural resources.

We have been undertaking agricultural policy research in Morocco, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Tunisia and Syria where we reviewed specific agricultural policies, prepared research and cooperation programs, formulated fund-raising proposals, and carried out capacity building activities.

Contact person for agricultural policy analysis: Roberto Telleria (

Roberto Telleria received his PhD in agricultural policies and an MSc in agricultural development economics, both from the University of Reading (UK). His research interests include agricultural policies related to trade, price, productivity, water, land, livestock and inputs.