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Strengthening wheat-legume systems

Research Projects

Matching crops to needs

The introduction of a participatory crop selection scheme in Morocco is meeting the specific needs of farmers, strengthening food legume productivity and increasing farmer incomes

Heat-tolerant legume varieties prosper in Sudan

Trials of heat-tolerant food legumes are demonstrating significant potential in Sudan, where scientists are conducting on-farm demonstrations of faba beans, lentils, and chickpea varieties

Training next generation farmers

ICARDA is targeting the sons of Moroccan farmers with training initiatives, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to overcome production constraints

Improved chickpea varieties strengthen food security

The testing, validation, and dissemination of new improved varieties of chickpea are helping Sudan’s farmers to overcome debilitating constraints and maintain productivity

Promoting sustainable pest management

The promotion of sustainable crop management options is helping Morocco’s cereal and legume farmers to contain the threat of weeds, pests, and destructive diseases

Strengthening faba bean production

New faba bean varieties released in Egypt are resisting debilitating diseases and boosting productivity

Strengthening resilience against pests

An international workshop recently brought together leading scientists to review new developments in Host Plant Resistance (HPR) research – a sustainable means of reducing the threat posed by...

Recognition in Tunisia

Tunisia’s Minister of Agriculture observes efforts to improve wheat and legume production and strengthen food security

Wheat and food legumes are staple foods across the West Asia and North Africa region, providing a valuable source of protein, particularly among the poorer sections of society. This project tests, validates and disseminates proven innovations to assist wheat and food legume farmers across the WANA region, helping to stabilize production and strengthen food security against a backdrop of increasing climate variability. Using participating WANA countries as a platform, the initiative aims to extend successes to other regions as international public goods.


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This project tests, validates and disseminates proven...

West Asia and North Africa face severe challenges which...

Recent food crises have demonstrated that productivity...

Appropriate technology changes in agronomy and crop...

The development, testing, and adaptation of innovations...

The initiative will be executed through the direct...

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