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Upcoming Courses

Annual Planning Meeting: Knowledge Management in CACILM
Food Legumes Traveling Workshop
ICARDA Planning Meeting
Dryland Systems IRT-NAWA Meeting
3rd UNCCD Scientific Conference
SARD-SC Wheat Annual Review and Planning Meeting
ICARDA Spring Board Meeting
Integrated Gendered Systems Approach to Research Smallholder Livelihoods
Salinity Management
Project Proposal Management and Reporting
Achieving Success with Technical Scientific Writing
Salinity Management
Statistical Design, Data Analysis and Biometrical Techniques in Agricultural Research
Data Management, Basic Statistics, Field-plot Techniques, Experimental Designs and Statistical Analysis
Impact Assessment and Livelihood Analysis in Systems Research
Advanced Biometrical Techniques in Crop Improvement Research
Socio Economic and Environmental Impact of Salinity on Livelihoods
Variety Maintenance and Community-based Seed Production and Marketing
Classical and molecular wheat breeding
Information Management for Documentation of Genebank Management, Gap Analysis and Mining Genetic Resources for Useful Traits
Water Policies and Policy Analysis
Geographic Information Systems
Genebank and Germpasm
Soil Anyalysis, Soil Chemistry, Soil Physics, Soil Fertility
Seed Processing and Storage
Contemporary approaches to extension (Extension Methods)
Food Legumes Breeding - International Years of Pulses
Classical Wheat Breeding
Recent trends in conservation agriculture in Mediterranean environments
Water Management for Water Use Efficiency
Seed Health Testing
Seed Production
Adoption and Impact Assessment of Water Policies
Supplemental Irrigation
Integrated Crop-Livestock Production for Marginal and Favorable Ecosystems
Statictical design, data analysis, and biometrical techniques in agcicultural research
Expert consultation workshop on “Small ruminant genetic improvement”
Farm Operation Management
On Farm Water Management
Classical Wheat Breeding
Training on Surveillance, Race Analysis and Management of Wheat Rust Diseases in Central Asia and Near East
Rangeland Monitoring & Assessment Training Workshop
Impact Assessment and Livelihood Analysis in Systems Research
Advanced Technologies to Improve Sheep and Goat Production
Statistical Analysis of Agricultural Field Experiments using GenStat
Variety development, Seed Health Testing, field inspection and variety certification
Training Course on Agronomy and Conservation Agriculture
Practical Workshop - Advances in Managing Small Ruminants Reproduction in Arid Environments
Training Course - Soil Analysis, Soil Chemistry, Soil Physics, and Soil Fertility funded by AFESD and JICA
Advanced Experimental Designs and Statistical Analysis for Breeding and Agronomic Trials
Agricultural water economics and management: Principles and practices funded by JICA
Restoration of Degraded Drylands and Monitoring of Desertification Processes
Gene bank and Germplasm funded by AFESD and JICA
Design and Analysis Water Management Experiments funded by JICA
On Farm Water Management - funded by JICA and AFESD
Cereal Crops Breeding - funded by JICA and AFESD
Farm Operation Management - funded by JICA
Geoinformatics application in agriculture and resilience
1st TOT training course on Livelihood strategy and community building for sustainable agriculture - funded by UNDP and Japan
Training on use of ODK (Open Data kit) in animal health surveys - under CRP LIvestock
International training course for the Design of Resilient Farming Systems in face of climate change in Dry Regions
Food Loss and Waste Reduction and Management
2nd TOT on Adopting climate change with sustainable natural resource management - funded by UNDP and Japan
Geographic Data Management -funded by FAO and Libya
Big Data in Agriculture
Breeding approaches for enhancing genetic gains in Grain Legumes and Dryland Cereals