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New ICARDA e-learning platform


The Capacity Development Program of ICARDA has launched a new e-learning platform offering stand-alone e-learning courses as well as additional content for face-to-face training. The platform gives ICARDA trainees a new learning experience and leverages modern technologies to enhance teaching, learning and professional development. 

The platform also addresses the challenge of targeting diverse trainees from different regions and different time zones, and enables trainees to attend courses that they otherwise might not be able to attend for various reasons such as time, budget, or visa restrictions. 

ICARDA’s Capacity Development Unit (CDU) is a core ICARDA program which strengthens the capacity of individual researchers, institutions and National Agricultural Research System (NARS) to improve the sustainable productivity of agricultural systems through crop improvement, water and land management, integrated crop/livestock/rangeland management, and climate change adaptation. 

To visit the e-learning platform go to:  

For more information on ICARDA’s CDU visit:  

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