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How persistence and culturally sensitive peer-to-peer learning unlocked the potential of women entrepreneurs in rural Jordan

Written by ICARDA in collaboration with the Government of Iraq, the 2018 ‘National Strategic Review of Food Security and Nutrition in Iraq’ is now available online

New ICARDA research looks at the role of gender norms related to lentil farming in Ethiopia and how awareness about more equitable access to services can improve livelihoods and rural development

Good agricultural practices should protect the environment and integrate crop and livestock production

ICARDA’s research platform brings agricultural innovation to the field

ICARDA-OCP Foundation initiative for health and livelihoods launches

The Technology Advantage event, part of the larger Agriculture Advantage 2.0 event series at COP24, stressed the urgency of developing and deploying next-generation technologies to tackle climate change in agriculture

The Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning online platform (MEL) won the second place at the 2018 Enterprise Business Collaboration Award in Berlin

Genebanks have become an integral part of agricultural biodiversity conservation

Sixth Arab conference on food security in UAE examines the challenges and opportunities

ICARDA director general’s visit highlights joint efforts to enhance food security

Suspension of ICARDA activities in Iran


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ICARDA is saddened by the loss of our Board Member, Dr. Mohamed Badraoui, who passed away on April 5, 2019. 
In this Q&A scientists from Egypt’s National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences, the European Commission’s Joint Research Center, and ICARDA discuss a new collaboration utilizing remote sensing and Earth observation for sustainable agricultur
‘Farming with Alternative Pollinators’ is a sustainable and low-cost strategy that conserves biodiversity while increasing productivity.                    
ICARDA and the Debre Zeit Agricultural Research Center (DZARC), with support from USAID, initiated efforts to mechanize chickpea production and develop and disseminate machine-harvestable chickpea varieties