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Mar 31,2017

Dear ICARDA Stakeholder –

This year, ICARDA has been busy developing a new strategy and new business model that will guide its research and collaboration for the future. We are setting our priorities, focusing our energy and resources, strengthening our operations and our partnerships for the next ten years to be better at fulfilling our mission under changing global conditions. You may want to consult our newly developed strategy brief 2017 - 2026 or look at our strategy slides.

We also have prepared several consultative fora with key partners and stakeholders to ensure that our work is demand driven and well informed. We seek to generate a wealth of ideas and recommendations on the way forward to ensure that ICARDA and its partners are at the forefront of agricultural research and development for drylands in the years to come.

One important tool we using to ensure an inclusive and participatory consultative process with our key partners and stakeholders is the launching of this e-survey whereby you can provide your feedback and perspectives on our key research priorities and other important elements that will play a critical role in the successful implementation of our future strategy.

ICARDA is very excited about launching this stakeholder consultation process on-line. Your feedback will be key in helping us fulfill our mission to reduce poverty, enhance food, nutrition, and water security, sustainably manage natural resources in the face of climate change and improve the livelihoods of communities living in the non-tropical dry areas of the world.  

I sincerely hope you will take the time to fill this survey which you can access by clicking

It should not take more than 20 minutes to fill this survey. Your contribution will remain anonymous.

Thank you sincerely for your time and effort,

Aly Abousabaa
ICARDA – Director General