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What to expect as a tangible takeaway

International Conference: Policies for Water and Food Security in the Dry Areas
Cairo, 24-26 June 2013


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As the conference kicks off today, some 150+ delegates from 30 countries will learn and understand over the next three day the  

deep nexus between water management, food security and socio-economic development. The big question however is, how will it

translate into concrete action on ground back home?

The event aims to drive action on water and food security policies that can benefit the real stakeholders of the conference

– the smallholder farmers, national economies and the environment in general in dryland areas of the world.

The dialogue and discussions at the meeting will decidedly guide the participating policymakers on the recommended water management strategies. The conference organizers aim to go a step further – the delegates can take home a framework for a national program for water and food security based on sound technology and policy solutions.

As a concrete outcome, the participating delegates can conceptualize a program by responding to some broad questions like:

  •  What will be the nature and scope of the program? 
  • What roles can the national and international institutions play in implementing such programs? 
  • Who and how can the progress of programs can be monitored and evaluated?