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Water productivity

Improving agricultural water productivity at the farm level is a complex task. It is achieved by using improved crop varieties, applying precision agriculture, using modern irrigation, diversifying cropping patterns, and most importantly, improving water management.

IWLM is developing appropriate technologies and integrated management options to maximize water productivity at the plot, field, farm, and basin-scale.

Improving water and land productivities is achieved through:

  • Developing options and tools for improved rainwater productivity in dryland farming systems through improved agro-management, germplasm enhancement and use of supplemental irrigation
  • Identifying and integrating appropriate water harvesting techniques in the crop-range-livestock system of marginal, drier environments
  • Developing packages for increased irrigation water productivity, through improvedĀ irrigation management, water use efficient germplasm, cropping patterns and scaling out to other areas.

Current and recent projects include:

  • Water Benchmark of WANA project phase 2
  • Water and Livelihood Initiative project
  • Irrigation management for improved olives in the Mediterranean project
  • Water Harvesting and Irrigation management in Libya project
  • Unlocking Rainfed Potential in Ethiopia project
  • Improving water productivity in Chile, Uruguay and Argentina project
  • Greywater regional project
  • Water harvesting in Syria project
  • Field crops response to salinity and drought project.