Regional Methodological Workshop on Livelihoods Analysis and Economics of Water Management 16-18 June 2013, Amman - Jordan


The Water and Livelihood Initiative (WLI) in close collaboration with the Social, Economic, and Policy Research Program (SEPRP) of the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) organized the workshop in order to exchange knowledge on how to link on-going research on land and water management to development. Discussions thus mainly focused on various methodologies that can be used to identify impacts on livelihoods attributable to technologies and strategies promoted by the Initiative.

Opening statements were made by ICARDA’s Drs. Halim Ben Haj Salah- ICARDA’s Regional Coordinator for West Asis, Theib Oweis – Director of the Integrated Water and Land Management Program, Aden Aw-Hassan –Director of the Social, Economic and Policy Research Program, Caroline King – Manager of WLI, and Dr. Scott Christiansen – Senior Agricultural Advisor from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The discussion was supplemented with practical exercises on how to assess and measure land and water productivity, as well as a visit to the WLI benchmark site in Majediyh where participants had the opportunity to meet with farmers from the community and test some of the suggested methodologies to establish a good understanding of their livelihoods and the role of the technologies in improving it. Examples of qualitative analysis of livelihoods conducted in the Khanasser Valley of Syria and West Asia were also shared with the participants. Facilitated discussion on how to measure WLI’s potential impact on various capitals including human, physical, natural, social and financial assets were also conducted.

The workshop was attended by WLI team leaders and socio-economists from partnering National Agricultural Research and Extension Services (NARES) of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Yemen; Dr. Scott Christiansen from USAID; ICARDA scientists from the Integrated Water and Land Management program (IWLMP); as well as Dr. Halim Ben Haj Salah ICARDA’s Regional Coordinator for West Asia (Full Report) .