Research Opportunities

Student Research at WLI benchmark sites

The summer of 2011 marked the beginning of the student exchange program which was very useful in building local capacity, and in harnessing national and international knowledge to find solutions for pressing problems faced by communities in WLI benchmark sites.  The program promots student research through three different mechanisms, including:
 (i) Funding US graduate students to conduct their research at one of the WLI benchmark sites in the Middle East,
(ii) Supporting local students to conduct research at a WLI benchmark site under the supervision of experts from ICARDA as well as partnering Regional and US universities, and
 (ii) Supporting local graduate students to conduct research at a WLI benchmark site, on a topic identified by NARS. In this case, the students work under the supervision of their advisors from a local university, an expert from the NARS, and where possible experts from ICARDA.

Under the first scenario, students from five WLI partnering universities including TAMU, UC-Davis, USU and UIUC were paired with students from the region to conduct research at WLI benchmark sites in Egypt and Lebanon in 2011. In 2012, five graduate students from UF worked closely with the WLI socio-economic team from the National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension (NCARE) to test and refine the questionnaire designed to collect gender focused data from the community. Another student from UIUC is currently working on SWAT modeling in Jordan. Click here for additional information on the research topics and sites in each country.




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