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40 years of science for better livelihoods

40 years of Science for Better Livelihoods in Dry Areas

Thank you for joining us as we celebrate ICARDA’s 40th anniversary. We encourage you to explore the 40th anniversary section of our website and re-visit the meaningful events and experiences that have shaped ICARDA into the center it is today.

As we reflect on the achievements of the past 40 years, ICARDA is also embarking on a new strategy that re-focuses the Center’s priorities, energy and resources, strengthening its operations and partnerships for the next ten years.

Building on past achievements while charting a new direction will help us to better fulfil our mission under changing global conditions: using cutting-edge science, strategic partnerships, and capacity strengthening to develop thriving and resilient livelihoods in dryland communities, with robust incomes, secure access to food, markets, nutrition and health, and the capacity to manage natural resources in equitable, sustainable, and innovative ways.

We value your interest in our work. Please feel free to contact us directly via if we can improve your experience while visiting the ICARDA anniversary web section.

Thank you for being a part of the 40th anniversary celebration at ICARDA!


ICARDA Impact Stories

Discover how our innovative science-based solutions have improved the resilience and livelihoods of the resource-poor in dry areas over the past 40 years. The impact stories below demonstrate our four decade commitment to poverty eradication, enhanced food security, and sustainable natural resource management.