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ICARDA is a CGIAR Research Center. CGIAR is a global research partnership for a food-secure future. Its science is carried out by 15 Research Centers in close collaboration with hundreds of partners across the globe.

CGIAR’s mission is to advance agricultural science and innovation to enable poor people, especially women, to better nourish their families, and improve productivity and resilience so they can share in economic growth and manage natural resources in the face of climate change and other challenges.

In 2015 CGIAR announced a new Strategy and Results Framework 2016-2030 for designing and implementing a new approach to undertaking research through the establishment of CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs). The strategy guides agricultural research towards practical solutions and innovations to reduce poverty, increase food and nutritional security, and improve natural resources and ecosystem services; these are commonly known as the three CGIAR System-Level Outcomes.

The Strategy and Results Framework sets out common goals and a strategic direction to guide the delivery of the shared CGIAR mission by all 15 CGIAR centers. The CGIAR research portfolio includes 12 CRPs: eight programs focus on innovation in agri-food systems while four are global integrating efforts. The CRPs are supported by three research platforms.



CGIAR programs and platforms are designed to align the work of the 15 CGIAR centers and their partners through various multi-disciplinary research initiatives to address the world’s most pressing agricultural development challenges.

ICARDA contributes to the CGIAR portfolio through active participation in the following CRPs:


Wheat – a global alliance for productive, climate-resilient and profitable wheat agri-food systems in lower and middle-income countries.




Livestock – providing research-based solutions to help smallholder farmers, pastoralists, and agro-pastoralists transition to sustainable, resilient livelihoods and to productive enterprises that will help feed future generations.



Water, Land and Ecosystems – a global research-for-development program connecting partners to deliver agricultural solutions that enhance natural resources, and the lives of people who rely on them.



Policies, Institutions and Markets – leading action-oriented research that equips decision-makers with the evidence required to develop food and agricultural policies that better serve the interests of poor producers and consumers.  


ICARDA also contributes through its engagement in all three CGIAR research platforms: 

  • Genebanks – enables CGIAR genebanks to fulfill their legal obligation to conserve and make available accessions of crops and trees on behalf of the global community.
  • Excellence in Breeding – modernizing breeding programs for greater impact on food and nutritional security, climate change adaptation, and development.
  • Big Data – using big data approaches to solve agricultural development problems faster, better, and at greater scale than before.

We have also created strategic partnerships with sister CGIAR centers. With CIMMYT we develop modern bioinformatics breeding systems and partner on strategic initiatives within CRP Wheat; we collaborate with ICRISAT to enhance grain legume and dry area cereal production; and partner with IRRI to explore opportunities to intensify and diversify rice-based systems in South Asia through the strategic introduction of legumes into rice fallows.

We also work with IWMIIFPRI and World Fish in Central, West Asia and North Africa to solve the challenges of managing scarce water resources; collaborate with ILRI in the area of small ruminant genetics; and work with ICRAF to rehabilitate rangelands and enhance their productivity.