Azaiez Ouled Belgacem

Azaiez Ouled Belgacem
Regional Coordinator APRP - cum - Rangeland Senior Scientist

Azaiez Ouled Belgacem's Publications

Impacts of bracteole removal and seeding rate on seedling emergence of halophyte shrubs: implications for rangeland rehabilitation in arid environments
The Maghreb (North Africa) rangelands evolution over forty years: re-greening or degradation
Diversity of desert rangelands of Tunisia
Journal Article
November 03, 2018

Plants are important components of any rangeland. However, the importance of desert rangeland plant diversity has often been underestimated. It has been argued that desert rangelands of Tunisia in good ecological condition provide more services than...

Is long-term protection useful for the regeneration of disturbed plant communities in dry areas?
Physiological, anatomical and antioxidant responses to salinity in the Mediterranean pastoral grass plant Stipa lagascae
Adoption and Factors Affecting Farmer’s Adoption of Technologies in Farming System: A Case Study of Improved Technologies in ICARDA’s Arabian Peninsula Regional Program
 Water and Food Security in the Arabian Peninsula: Struggling for more actions
Measurement of the aboveground biomass of some rangeland species using a digital nondestructive technique
The vulnerability of native rangeland plant species to global climate change in the West Asia and North African regions
Effect of livestock grazing on plant cover and species diversity in desert rangelands: A case study of Musawar Al Ottoria in Qatar
Effect of protection on plant community dynamics in the Mediterranean arid zone of southern Tunisia: a case study from Bou Hedma national park