Mohamed Ben Salah

Dr. Mohamed Ben Salah is a date palm specialist and coordinator of ICARDA’s Date Palm Project in the Arabian Peninsula. Before joining ICARDA in 2014, Dr. Ben Salah was director general of the Regional Oases Agriculture Research Centre in Degache, Tunisia, and led research to enhance date palm production for the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development in Oman. He also served as head of the research program on oases production for the Arid Lands Institute of Tunisia, and spent most of his early career as a research and coordinator with the same organization.

His areas of expertise include date palm production, biodiversity, and biotechnology. Dr. Ben Salah is also consultant for organizations such as the International Foundation of Agriculture Development, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the Islamic Development Bank, and the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development.

Dr. Ben Salah holds a Ph.D. in plant production sciences and a master’s degree in plant production from the National Agronomic Institute-Tunisia (INAT), where he specialized in fruit tree production. He also completed a master’s degree in Sustainable Development at Le Mans University in France, and received diplomas on international environment law and international water law from the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) in Switzerland.