Mouldi Gamoun

Mouldi Gamoun
Research Associate - Research Field Coordinator

Mouldi Gamoun is a rangeland ecologist researching plant community diversity and dynamics, with significant experience in rangeland management and restoration. Gamoun completed his postdoctoral research fellowship with the Department of Ecology and Animal Biology at the University of Vigo, Spain. He investigated various plant-animal interactions, centered on herbivory.

Gamoun received a Ph.D. in ecology, with an emphasis on rangeland ecology, from the University of Tunis El Manar. He also conducted doctoral research with the Arid Regions Institute (IRA) in Médenine, Tunisia.

Mouldi Gamoun's Publications

Diversity of desert rangelands of Tunisia
Journal Article
November 03, 2018

Plants are important components of any rangeland. However, the importance of desert rangeland plant diversity has often been underestimated. It has been argued that desert rangelands of Tunisia in good ecological condition provide more services than...