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How can MENA countries strengthen the resilience of their agricultural sectors to limit climate displacements?  
CGIAR’s research on gender and innovation, GENNOVATE offers insights into rural development programming in five continents
Lentils are a rich source of protein and other minerals, including iron and zinc
Using innovative methodology to inform policymakers
The spread of diseases and pests is one of the consequences of climate change in the region
With the establishment of gene banks in Lebanon and Morocco in 2016, ICARDA is reconstructing its gene collections
Policymakers should protect them for sustainable management of rangeland resources 
ICARDA is regenerating massive amounts of crop wild relatives in their place of origin – the Fertile Crescent
Food legumes offer myriad benefits for sustainable smallholder production systems.
Reliance on crop residues to feed livestock has hindered the adoption of conservation agriculture. The IFAD-funded “CLCA” project provides economically- and environmentally-viable solutions.
Stepping up efforts to shorten the distance between scientists and farmers: ICARDA introduces improved crop varieties along with new ways of scaling out technical innovations. 
Drip irrigation promotes natural resource management and water conservation