fbpx Provision of Proven Feed Resource technologies to Improve the Red Meat Value Chain in Tunisia | ICARDA

The ‘Red Meat Value Chain’ project works in Tunisia to eliminate feed gaps and help farming communities adapt to drought. Funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the initiative promotes practical, cost-effective technologies that help enhance the sustainable supply of nutritious feed and forage.

Priority research activities include: 

Development and promotion of new technologies: proven technology ‘packages’ enhance the supply of locally-adapted feed and forage. The technologies are practical and cost-effective and include semi-industrial feed block machinery and cactus choppers, which efficiently cut cactus cladodes for ruminant consumption.   

Promoting the interests and needs of women and youth: small enterprises have been initiated and supported that target these demographic groups and include them in local agricultural sectors.

Strengthening capacity: producers have been equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to improve feed and forage production over the long term.



Tons of forage seed produced


Micro-enterprises developed

Over 1500

Farming families reached

Project manager

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